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Operation: End War 2011

Operation: End War 2011

Back by popular demand, Real Action Paintball is proud to once again sponsor Operation: End War! This trend-setting event will be produced by Viper, whose proprietary scoring and objective-assignment system creates the most realistic scenarios in paintball. To make the action truly as real as it gets, participants are required to field magazine-fed paintball markers...which they can rent for free, or purchase at incredible discount.

The game goes down October 1st-2nd at TAG Paintball in Hollister, California. Come prepared to do battle with real paintball tanks; to make use of Viper's "helicopter," where players "fly" special missions as untouchable 5-man squads patrolling the field for intel; to test your marksmanship, tactical skills, and teamwork; to play the most amazing game of scenario paintball...ever!

Operation: End War last year brought players together from all around the country, and this year the draw is even better. With camping on-site, vendors, and two full days of paintball, it's time to make your plans to hit TAG Paintball in October.

Players can reserve a magazine-fed RAP4 T68 and a bandolier with three extra magazines for free when they register. Players who want to use their Tippmann, US Army, or other scenario markers can purchase at an outstanding 50% off a Tacamo Conversion Kit that replaces the body shells of their marker with shells that create an ultra-realistic, magazine-fed marker...that still uses the internals they know and love from their tactical marker. Players looking to go all-in with a brand-new mag-fed kit can buy, at that same ultra-steep 50% discount, a full Operation: End War T68 Gen7 magazine-fed marker and accessories.

Viper's scenario pits teams against each other for control of a field that has more objectives than either team can control at once...and where each objective bestows different abilities, point values, and special utility to the teams. How will you dominate the opposition? First, with a plan...and then with firepower, maneuvers, and teamwork!

With fully-immersive role play, the commanders know exactly where they need to put their team, and when...but getting them there is the challenge. Prepare to follow orders that make sense, to capture objectives that truly matter and fit into strategies and larger game plans, and be a part of exciting missions for hotly contested resources in Operation: End War 2!

For more information on this amazing game, visit: http://www.operationendwar.com
For more information on Viper's RTS, visit: http://www.viperpaintball.com
For more information on the field, visit: http://www.tag-paintball.com
For more information on mag-fed markers, visit: http://www.rap4usa.com
View 2010 End War video: http://operationendwar.com/videos-and-photos
Register for 2011 End War: http://operationendwar.com/game-registration

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!