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Operation End War 3: Battle Is Drawing Near Sept 29th

The battle is drawing near, and Real Action Paintball wants to make sure you're swept up in it. On September 29th, Albanian forces of the Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM) will sweep into Orino, Greece, and battle the defending Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) in an unprecedented land-grab...in Operation: End War 3, this year's hottest mag-fed-only scenario game!

Their first challengers sweep across the border from Albania on September 29th, and you'd better be locked and loaded regardless of whose side you're on. With missions that include demolitions and reconnaissance, targeted operations and broad campaigns, Operation: End War 3 will have you reloading just as fast as you can swap magazines.

Operation: End War 3 is a mag-fed-only game, meaning that you can only use your magazine-fed, mil-sim marker. Don't have one? No worries - RAP4 has a terrific rental package that includes a cutting-edge MKV marker, several spare magazines, and a magazine carrier. Once you come to appreciate the MKV's effectiveness in battle, you can buy the marker for a steep discount only available at the event.

Then bring it back to your home field and show your friends the excitement of the hot new mag-fed paintball format.

How good of a marksman are you? How good are you at running small group maneuvers, and working with a team? You'll find out at Operation: End War 3, and if you're good enough, you can turn the tide for your team.

But first, make sure we're holding a spot for you by registering here:

Event: Operation: End War 3
Dates: September 29-30
Field: The Paintball Zone
Location: Near Waterford, California

We'll see you at the field.

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