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Operation End War 5 Immersive Battle Environment

Operation End War 5 Immersive Battle Environment

RAP4 is proud to invite you to Operation: End War 5, where you can try Modern Combat Sports in the most authentic, immersive environment this side of actual combat. How well will you hold up under pressure? How good is your aim? Your teamwork? Your tactics?

Come find out, this October 3rd-5th, at the Snake Pit Training Center near Copperopolis, California.

Sign up right this second at: www.operationendwar.com

You’ll even be able to meet, and play under the command of, two legends in paintball: Greg Hastings and Bob Long. How well these two old school woodsballers and modern tourney players do in this MagFed Only format game is entirely up to you…and how good you are at utilizing military tactics to overcome real-world challenges.

That’s because Operation: End War 5 is your chance to try Modern Combat Sports on a huge level. It will showcase this extraordinary new game format as you engage in missions for either Greg Hastings’ Red Team, or Bob Long’s B.L.U. Team. The missions follow the latest evolution in our intense Operation: End War game play, with each mission crafted to challenge you tactically…and accomplish objectives that advance the game and truly matter to the outcome.

This event will showcase Modern Combat Sports, the ultra-realistic style of play that requires only magazine fed markers to be used, to keep games as real as it gets in terms of tactical game play, real world inspired firepower, aesthetics…and excitement. It encourages players to load out with real military hardware, from load bearing vests and plate carriers to smoke grenades, tactical radios, battle-ready optical sights, and of course: plenty of spare magazines.

You should plan to arrive on Friday, October 3rd, so you can engage in authentic force-on-force military training courtesy of Calaveras Tactical—renowned authorities who train real military and security contractors in cutting-edge battlefield tactics. Then play hard all day Saturday and into Sunday, contesting every doorway, alley, and trench at the Snake Pit Training Center.

Get ten teammates to preregister, using your name as their team leader, and when all eleven (or more) of you sign in for Operation: End War 5, we’ll refund your (individual) entry fee. That’s our way of saying thanks for helping us reach as many players as possible…and for keeping it as real as it gets.

Are You Ready for Modern Combat Sports?

2014-09-02 21:45:44