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Operation End War 6: NEXT WEEKEND!!!

Operation End War 6: NEXT WEEKEND!!!

Modern Combat Sports is amping up our plans for Operation: End War 6, our premier magfed event. Once again we’ve teamed with the combat operations trainers at Calaveras Tactical in Copperopolis, California, to put together an event of epic proportions…and this year, we’re cranking up the intensity with new missions and some impressive new challenges.

We’re kicking off the weekend-long Operation: End War 6 event on Friday, October 9th, with a clinic hosted by Calaveras Tactical. Featuring the pre-deployment training they provide to military personnel and private contractors, this clinic is a crash course in CQB, small group combat tactics, and the other skills you’ll need to exceed in the Saturday and Sunday games.

Together, we’re crafting the missions to offer the most realistic, most authentic combat challenges possible…so that OEW6 game play evolves over the course of the weekend. That means meaningful missions which require strategy, teamwork, coordination…and of course, accurate fire. Each player has a role, and each unit receives assignments in Operation: End War 6, so that everything you do adds to your team’s ultimate success.

The missions are inspired by real-world scenarios the Calaveras Tactical instructors have survived in their military service, and the greater campaigns they participated in. The result is a fully-immersive tactical experience that starts with the most realistic gear available to the tactical gaming community, and scales up through the most realistic missions, facilities, and experience, available anywhere.

Date: 10-11 October 2015
Location: Copperopolis, CA, USA
Cost: $100

You’ll need a magfed marker to participate, and any brand will do—just so long as you keep it tactical, keep it realistic, and keep it magfed. Players who don’t have that kind of gear yet can lock in a free rental package that includes a magfed 468, spare mags, and a mag pouch, so all you have to do is bring your goggles. Bring your regular tactical gear, and with that sweet rental package, you’ll be good to go.

Camping is free. That rental package is free. The combat clinic is very reasonably priced. It’s all available for preregistration, right now.

But hurry—space is limited. Register now, and bring your friends…because in this fast-paced game, every gun counts!

2015-10-3 1:24:38