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Operation End War 6: Winter Is Coming

Operation End War 6: Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming…and paintball community wants to be sure our neighbors are prepared. That’s an especially pressing concern this year, as the record droughts in California have contributed to a disastrous wildfire season. More than 70,000 acres have burned around the site of Operation: End War 6 in Calaveras County, displacing untold numbers of residents and affecting the staff who help us make the OEW events so successful. With winter coming in the weeks after OEW on October 9-11, we want to take the opportunity of this massive, three day tactical game, to help our neighbors.

So Modern Combat Sports are partnering with Tippmann, Valken Sports, and the other industry-leading sponsors of Operation: End War 6 to develop a serious charity fundraising angle for the event. We’re proud to announce that 100% of profits from the event will be directed to relief organizations that provide housing, food, job assistance, and relocation assistance to those affected by the Butte wildfire—the wildfire most affecting the communities around the OEW6 battlefield.

With the fires contained now and cleanup underway, officials are getting a picture of the need that these fires have created, especially as victims prepare for the coming winter. While it doesn’t get as cold in southern California as it does in other parts of the country, when your home and livelihood have been destroyed by fire, you have a profound need for help that doesn’t get better as winter sets in.

That’s where an increasing number of paintball companies are jumping in to help.

In addition to donating the profits from OEW6, we’re joined by other sponsors in putting together special gear raffles. Already we have a raffle arranged for a Storm marker, and we are proud of the ever-growing list of sponsors who are helping with the charity.

There will be promotions and giveaways with charity event, and together with OEW6 host Calaveras Tactical, we’re coordinating a material goods donation drive, too. So as you pack for Operation: End War 6, pick up some canned goods to donate—we’ll see that they get to people who need a meal. Search your camping gear, your closet, your gear locker, for sleeping bags and clothing, camping supplies and the like, that you can donate to help clothe and shelter those who’ve lost everything. You can clear some space, and help someone stay warm…

…then hit the field for the greatest MagFed action around, secure in your knowledge that you’ve done something to help the community that supports our host field. Arrive early enough on Friday, October 9th, and you can attend Calaveras Tactical’s add-on event: formal combat training starting at 2pm, which will cover the same elements of tactical training they give military operators ahead of deployment.

Are you ready for the toughest milsim challenge around? Ready to tackle the hottest MagFed game of the year? And do so while helping the communities surrounding the Operation: End War 6 battleground?

…and we’ll see you at Operation: End War 6! - As Real as it Gets!

2015-10-06 17:47:06