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Operation: End War - Broadening Your Challenge, Building Paintball Sport

Every few years, something happens that reinvents how we play paintball...and with that paradigm shift, we welcome players from other sports and backgrounds and social groups. Speedball put us in touch with skater kids and adrenaline junkies who never went for crawling through the woods. Big games appealed to those who like to camp and play paintball with thousands of their closest friends.

And now it's time for you to help bring about the next paradigm shift: tactics-heavy, teamwork-intensive milsim - the kind of challenge that truly brings video games to life and makes fantasy into reality. More than a regular scenario, this is pure milsim with realistically limited firepower, hyper-realistic markers as part of the rental package - and standards expected when you bring your own mag-fed marker - and a focus, throughout, on small unit tactics and combat adventure.

"Operation: End War" is the paradigm shifting event that will get players away from the gaming consoles long enough to discover a whole new way to challenge their minds and bodies. It will appeal to those who shy away from facing the high speed, high rate of fire side of paintball that brings multiple hits to their bodies in close succession. It'll draw scenario teams from around the country, and around the world, to a true test of their shooting, communication, strategy, and execution...no unrealistic rates of fire, no garish uniforms or inflatable bunkers.

Because "Operation: End War" is paintball, as real as it gets - a milsim scenario that demands players use only magazine-fed markers that identically replicate military arms as used by the forces their teams mimic. The organizers, RAP4 and TAG Paintball Field, will provide comprehensive rental packages to players, arming them with cutting-edge T68 Gen6 mag-fed markers, 3,000psi tanks that hide discreetly in the stocks, three magazines to keep them in the action, and a mil-sim mag pouch and belt to hold the spares during patrols and heavy action.

The missions are all related to the storyline, a post-nuclear scenario that pits the Marines against the Russians and the European Alliance. The patrols are all valuable to their teams' overall strategy, and every mission directly affects the forces' chances of success...and their next missions. And the next.

Just like in your video games...and just like in real life.

"Operation: End War" is that paradigm-shifting event that will use our common interests with video gamers to show them our sport; it will draw the paintball-curious to the field in droves, as they discover the world of milsim paintball and hyper-realism, without all the usual distractions.

And "Operation: End War" will give established scenario teams and players a challenge like they've never faced before. When you're ready to come out of the shadows and join the fray, sign up at www.operationendwar.com

This scenario is presented by title sponsor RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!