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Operation: End War - California to Ohio

Operation: End War - California to Ohio

RAP4 is proud to bring the season's hottest scenario game to players across America by sponsoring Operation: EndWar in two popular regions! This summer, players can convoy to Hubbard, Ohio, for Operation: EndWar, The Eleventh Hour on July 27th-28th...

...then load up and head west to The Paintball Zone near Modesto, California, for the September 28th-29th Operation: EndWar event!

These two great scenario games provide players the exclusive magazine-fed-only format, where the only paintball guns allowed are those that feed paint from spring-powered magazines! RAP4 wants you to experience scenario gaming action that is truly as real as it gets, and you can best experience the action and live the adventure when you're carrying gear that truly reproduces real-life armament...which means real-world round counts in detachable magazines, fed into markers that exactly reproduce the look, feel, and operation of duty gear!

For players who don't already own a magazine-fed marker, RAP4 is proudly sponsoring the rental packages players can reserve when they preregister to attend each Operation: EndWar event. These rental packages include a T68 mag-fed marker, three spring-powered magazines with a mag-carrying tactical pouch, a compressed air tank, and air fills for the weekend. While this gear is worth several hundred dollars, we're able to offer you that complete rental package for the event for only $50...and when you decide to take that gear home, you can apply the rental fee towards the event's special purchase price!

Preregister now, and you'll save some cash over the normal entry fee...and you can make sure that we have a rental gear package waiting for you. You can even reserve a free campsite...but you have to let us know you're coming by filling out the preregistration form here: http://operationendwar.com/game-registration

We want you to experience the hottest new development in tactical gaming - magazine-fed tactical games. We want you to feel the excitement of playing a realistic scenario, with meaningful missions, as you get the most out of paintball. And we want you to have the best gear in your hands when you take to the field, at Operation: EndWar, and every weekend.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!