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Operation End War: Game On This Weekend (Oct 1-2)

Operation End War: Game On This Weekend (Oct 1-2)

RAP4 is proud to announce that Operation: End War is just days away! Is your mag-fed marker ready for this fall's hottest scenario game? Do you have your hotel booked, or your camping gear ready so you can take maximum advantage of this weekend-long adventure at the world-class TAG Paintball in Hollister, California? Get set for this October 1st and 2nd game, produced by the world-famous Viper of Viper Paintball...and you'll be tested with real missions and meaningful scoring that unfolds an epic storyline as you play on!

Event: Operation: End War
Date: October 1-2
Location: TAG Paintball
Near: Hollister, CA
Produced By: Viper Paintball
More Info: www.operationendwar.com

We've got a special deal for players who need to pick up game-compliant mag-fed markers at the field - three special deals, actually, that are designed to get you into the most realistic mil-sim game yet devised.

Need to rent a mag-fed marker? That's covered in your registration fee...and we'll loan you three 20-round magazines and a bandolier to carry them in, too. Bring your favorite RIS-interface accessories - like the red dot sights, lights, and Land Warrior Video Camera we proudly offer - so that when issued your T68 mag-fed marker, you can immediately customize it and hit the target range to zero in.

Want to play with your Tippmann or other scenario marker...but need it to be mag-fed to get into the game? Tacamo has exactly the solution you need, at an astounding price: the Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit.
These kits replace the body panels on your Tippmann, BT, and other popular scenario markers, so that by simply disassembling your marker and transferring the internal parts to the Tacamo Conversion Kit's body shells, you can build your own mag-fed mil-sim marker in seconds...and rely on the same internal parts that you already count on to blast your way out of - and then back into - tight spots.

And the deal on the Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit? Try 50% off with your Operation: End War registration! Register online, specify that you want the Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit, and we'll have it waiting for you at Operation: End War!

Want to get up to speed with this magazine-fed tactical revolution, from the ground up? RAP4 has the package for you: a T68 Gen7 mag-fed marker with concealed air source in the collapsible stock, detachable carry handle, and two spare magazines...all for 50% off of the kit's normal price! Reserve a kit when you register for Operation: End War, and your hot new marker will be waiting for you at the game!

These deals are only available with your registration at Operation:
End War...so get in the game, get a free rental of the extraordinary T68 mag-fed marker, or score a deal on new gear that pays for your weekend in savings! But hurry, as Operation: End War is coming up fast!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!