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Operation: End War - Groundbreaking Innovation, Heart-stopping Action

Operation: End War - Groundbreaking Innovation, Heart-stopping Action

This October 2-3, a whole new kind of scenario game is going to change how you think about tactics, techniques, and teamwork. "Operation: End War" follows a creative post-nuclear storyline that pits riflemen against each other from three sides...but with technology never before used on this scale in scenario paintball.

Each player will be issued a magazine-fed, semi-automatic paintball marker with a concealed air source in the stock...meaning no hoppers or tanks to ruin the aesthetics of pure milsim action. Each player will be limited to realistic firepower with those 18-round detachable magazines. Real Marines, Russian soldiers, and European peacekeeping forces are limited to twenty or thirty rounds in interchangeable magazines...and in "Operation: End War," we dispense with hoppers in favor of firepower limited to just what real troops carry.

Which makes marksmanship important like never seen before in paintball. It makes teamwork more important than firepower, and tactics more important than electronic trigger groups.

The rental package provided by title sponsor RAP4 provides each player with a T68 M4 marker, three interchangeable 18 round magazines, a 3000psi tank that hides in the collapsible stock, a pouch for the magazines and a belt for the pouch. Bring your own cammies, boots, and your favorite goggles, and the "Operation: End War" staff will take care of the rest.

This intentionally limited paint format has never been tried before on this scale in paintball. With each player limited to the same number of shots between reloads, and semi-auto action dependent upon your trigger control, "Operation: End War" is the perfect laboratory to test your true skill - your true leadership, tactics, and cunning.

You can be part of this groundbreaking development in scenario paintball. You can be a founding member of the mag-fed milsim movement. Register today, and take advantage of exceptional deals on the purchase of T68 and XPower markers you can own and practice with before the event.

Register now - fire support teams are filling up fast.

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