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Operation: End War III, Waterford CA

Operation: End War III, Waterford CA

Register before Sept. 1st $45
After Sept.1st registration $55
Just 1 week left!!!

2012 paintball game

Operation: End War III is coming to The Paintball Zone near Waterford, CA, this September, and you need to be ready...because this mag-fed-only scenario paintball game is truly as real as it gets! RAP4 is working together with The Paintball Zone to put on a fast-paced milsim scenario that will truly test your tactical and teamwork skills.

This is a mag-fed-only scenario game, meaning that only magazine-fed paintball markers will be allowed on the field. When you spot your opponents moving through the village, they'll be carrying equipment that is as near to combat-issue gear as you can get while still playing paintball! The look of their markers and other tactical gear will transport you into the milsim storyline of Operation: End War...and the magazine-fed marker in your hands will have the look, feel, and handling characteristics of combat-issue arms in use around the world.

That also means that players will be limited to realistic ammunition counts of around twenty shots per magazine; that no one will have ugly, heavy hoppers ruining the aesthetic or giving an unfair advantage with unrealistic capacity; that you'll have to make every single shot count, and win by marksmanship and teamwork more than by slinging the largest paint budget! How good are you...really?

Find out here, on September 29th and 30th.

Our Operation: End War scenarios have proven so popular, that this is our third event in only two years. That success comes from the mag-fed fans who rush to our events and make them into newsworthy games. They use RAP4 battle simulation gear like paintball mines and hand grenades, wear tactical gear, and some even use throat mics to stealthily communicate while maneuvering through the brush. Is this the kind of realism and intensity you long for? The kind of adventure you've always wanted to have in paintball?

Then there's only one place to be the last weekend in September: at The Paintball Zone for Operation: End War III!

Limited camping is available in the parking lot, and while you can't have campfires, you can bring a cooler and self-contained cooking stove. Bring your friends and make a weekend of it. Rental packages are available for only $50 that include a magfed RAP4 marker, 3 magazines, a magazine pouch, tank, and air fills. Register here before September 1st and pay only $45 for your entry into the hottest scenario game on the West Coast. Register to play.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!