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Operation: End War - Modern Warfare You Can Live

Take the thrill of playing urban combat video games; take the adventure of scouring broken Third World streets for bad guys, and hunting evil doers down with an M4 Carbine; get your heart pumping in the backwaters with your pistol on your hip and your rifle in your hands...

...now do it for real.

And come back alive.

That's the kind of adventure you don't forget - the kind of action you can't turn off, or reset, or pause. It's the sort of adventure that challenges more than your eyes and thumbs - it tests your muscles and endurance, your aim with a rifle and your raw courage.

That's the kind of adventure on offer this October 2-3 at TAG Paintball in Hollister, California, at "Operation: End War."

We've spun a scenario that pits the Russians against the European Alliance, against the US Marines, in a post-nuclear battle for survival, sovereignty...and a lot of money.

This event is unique among paintball scenarios: it's the first ever to strictly limit participants to using magazine-fed markers. This keeps the firepower realistic, as players have only so many shots per reload as do real soldiers with 20 round magazines...so you can't just spray-and-pray like in so many other scenario games.

The game is different when it's real like this - when the fantasies come alive and the incoming fire thumps your chest as it hits. Then the game becomes an adventure, and you live a story you'll never forget.

This October, leave the disc in the computer and make the game come to life.

Presented by title sponsor RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!