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Operation: End War - The 11th Hour

Operation: End War - The 11th Hour

RAP4 has assembled a fantastic team to bring you this year's hottest scenario game, "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour." We're providing the rental gear for everyone who needs a magazine-fed marker to qualify for this mag-fed-only game. Host field Battlefront Paintball is providing a fantastic facility that includes bombed out buildings, woods, sandbags, barricades, and other features. .68 Caliber Productions is producing the event, adapting the storyline to the particular challenges and terrain features of this truly awesome facility.

With our forces combined, "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" will be the hottest scenario game of the summer!

The storyline follows a slightly futuristic tale of international intrigue and global conflict that pits highly trained forces against each other with ultra-realistic equipment, and creative team-insertion strategies that ensure constant action for those looking to prove their mettle. The game is strictly limited to magazine-fed markers, and no hoppers are allowed...meaning that players will be limited to real-world shots per reload, and have to perform tactical reloads just like operators train to do in combat zones around the globe.

Experienced players across America are rediscovering paintball, and scenario games in particular, by playing this mag-fed-only format. Not only are the markers as real as it gets, but with realistic shots per magazine, players are forced to pay more attention to their marksmanship, maneuvers, coordination, and teamwork - no covering up for a skill deficiency just by dumping paint!

That means that opponents won't be able to wipe you out just by having larger hoppers and bigger budgets. No sir - not at "Operation: End War," where issuing the most realistic gear means testing your skills in the most realistic manner.

.68 Caliber Productions' team of scenario designers, referees, and scorekeepers also make sure of that by scripting a storyline that will require teams to complete relevant missions in realistic timelines to advance the plot and increase their odds of winning.

Are you ready to see what you've really got? Are you ready to take on the hottest scenario, with the most realistic gear, against some of the finest tactical minds in America? Then preregister here: http://www.battlefrontpaintball.com/Calendar/Prereg/200/

If you need a mag-fed marker to get in this game, no problem - when you register, just click to reserve a RAP4 rental package and you'll have an MKV marker, three magazines, mag pouches, tactical belt, and HPA tank there waiting for you. Love the gear at the end of the weekend? You can buy it on the spot, with your rental package fee being credited towards your purchase. No hassle. No problem. Just solid gear that's ready to prove itself in action.

Are you?

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