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Operation EndWar: SWAT for Dummies Course, Ohio July 27-28

Operation EndWar: SWAT for Dummies Course, Ohio July 27-28

RAP4 is proud to announce an amazing addition to the "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" scenario this July 27-28 at Battlefront Paintball in Hubbard, Ohio. In addition to the day-long game on Saturday, and on top of the open play day on Sunday, we're proud to invite members of the local SWAT team to host a very special training program on Friday night before the big game.

Their "SWAT for Dummies" course will feature real SWAT team members giving expert instruction in close quarters combat, squad maneuvers, and the practical and tactical use of M4-pattern carbines - like the MKV Mag-Fed Markers that every preregistered player with a rental package will be issued on arrival. They will also show you exactly how to get the most out of your mag-fed marker, from basic familiarization to expert-level reloading and marksmanship techniques.

Don't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn tactical fundamentals from real professionals...

...and don't miss your chance to use those skills the very next day at "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour"!

The giveaways are spectacular, too! In addition to prizes donated by the field, production company, and sponsors, founding sponsor RAP4 is proud to give away an MKV Mag-Fed Marker, a T68 paint pistol, three sets of body armor, shirts and hats and a whole lot more!

Part of what sets this event apart is that "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour" is a mag-fed-only scenario - only markers that are magazine-fed will be allowed. No hoppers. That means that the action will be as real as it gets, from the realistic magazine capacity to the look, feel, and balance of the markers in use. This puts a premium on marksmanship, teamwork, communication, and maneuvers, meaning that players are tested on real-world skills and strategies...using gear as close to real-world hardware as it gets.

Players are encouraged to bring their own mag-fed markers to "Operation: End War - The 11th Hour." Those who need to rent a mag-fed marker, or would like to try the MKV Mag Fed Marker Package that includes three magazines, mag pouches, tactical belt, and HPA tank, can reserve a rental package while preregistering. Once the MKV Mag-Fed Marker you rent proves itself to you, you can buy it on the spot...and apply your rental package fee as a discount towards its purchase! Everyone should bring their own goggles, and plan on using their own gear on Sunday for the open play day that follows this summer's hottest scenario game!

To preregister and reserve your MKV Mag-Fed Marker Package, click here:


More information: http://www.operationendwar.com

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