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Operation Urban Shield 2013

Operation Urban Shield 2013

RAP4 is proud to have represented our industry-leading products at Urban Shield 2013, a premier law enforcement trade show that brings together the most innovative equipment, training officers, and law enforcement personnel. The tradeshow featured hands-on clinics and classes, a hall filled with booths for gear and service vendors, and plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the hardware revolutionizing modern law enforcement.

When operators turned out for the force-on-force clinics at Urban Shield, they were glad to see our Professional Training Rifle (PTR) ready for use in the scenarios! Word has spread quickly throughout the law enforcement training community about the PTR, the premier force-on-force training rifle we developed expressly to meet the needs of law enforcement and military training. Similar to our 468, the PTR is an AR platform –based, compressed air powered, magfed training rifle that perfectly reproduces the look and balance of an M4/AR-platform rifle.

It also has the same external controls, point of aim, reloading and field stripping procedures, and accessory interoperability as operator-issue carbines...it just exclusively shoots gelatin capsule marking rounds (paintballs or .68 caliber training munitions) rather than bullets. In virtually every other external way, the PTR reproduces the gear that law enforcement and military operators count on to defend their lives.

The central theme of the force on force training at Urban Shield this year, from the clinics to the many companies involved in making the training authentic, is the realism: to increase odds of survival and mission success, personnel absolutely must train as realistically as possible - they must train as they're going to fight! That means keeping it as real as it gets...which is our motto for a reason: that kind of training saves lives.

RAP4 is proud of our contributions to those clinics, and we hope that the clinic we helped host can translate into real-world success (and perhaps make their ways back to different departments as part of their mission-adapted training!).

Back on the tradeshow floor, we were impressed to see surveillance robots wandering the red carpet and unmanned aerial observation drones sitting on tables, ready to fly into action at the touch of a smartphone control app! There were a lot of really cool, really high tech solutions to tactical problems...and of course, our booth with the 468s and PTRs that solve the much more human problem of training as realistically as possible.

To those who stopped past our booth, thank you! Everyone else should check out the video to see some of the cool tech that was on display. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at future tradeshows, and field-side at Operation: End War!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

2013-11-20 17:50:54