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P99 Paintball Pistol Gun Review

P99 Paintball Pistol Gun Review

RAP4 brand has a reputation for delivering authentic and highly functional paintball markers that are equally sought after by both MilSim enthusiasts and protective forces trainers alike. RAP4 is well known for the meticulous detail they put into replicating the firearms their markers are modeled after, and the P99 showcases this effort in spades. The P99 comes in a standard hard plastic gun case containing the marker itself, a single magazine, and an air cartridge adapter. Removing the marker from the case, I was immediately impressed with the look and feel. If not for the fire engine red muzzle tip extending 3/8" from the barrel, this gun could sit next to my 9 mm Walther P99 and I wouldn't be able to tell them apart from a couple of feet away.

Getting the marker from the box into shooting form couldn't be any easier. I cocked the slide back, and screwed a 12g CO2 canister into the included adapter. Next, I pulled the magazine follower down until it clicked into place, loaded it with nine .43 caliber paintballs, and slapped it into the gun. The whole process took me roughly one minute. With the marker locked and loaded, we're ready to shoot!

Holding the marker in a modified Weaver stance, I am absolutely amazed by how much it feels like my Walther. The grip and the trigger are spot-on with the real thing, and the balance is strikingly similar despite the internal differences. So we've established that it feels like a Walther, but does it shoot like one? At 25 feet, I had a spread of roughly 2 inches, definitely enough to put paint on target, so yes, it does shoot like the real thing. Moving out to 50 feet, the spread widened to just under 3 inches, and at 75 feet I had my first target miss and an average spread of 5.5 inches, with the exception of a few strays a bit farther out. For a sidearm with a 4 inch barrel, I'm impressed. I don't see myself making any brilliant sniper shots with this marker, but come on... It's a pistol! As far as efficiency goes, I was able to burn through 75 shots before the CO2 cartridge lost its steam, so it's a winner in that category too. Realistically, the P99 fulfills its intended role beautifully. Let's recap:


  • Caliber: 0.43
  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Power: CO2
  • Trigger: Standard Double-action
  • Barrel length: 4 inches
  • Length: 7.1 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 1.5 lbs
  • Effective Range: 50 ft


  • Perfect simulation of a Walther P99
  • Deadly accurate up to 50 ft
  • Efficient CO2 consumption
  • Awesome grip and trigger
  • Realistic blowback slide loading system


  • 43 caliber paintballs can be difficult to find
  • Accuracy suffers past the listed effective range of 50 ft (OK, now I'm just nitpicking)

Final Thoughts

Overall, this marker is a great buy for a player interested in pistol matches or full-on MilSim, and the option to shoot rubberballs instead of paint is a definite plus for backyard target shooters. The P99 is everything I would expect out of a sidearm. I would rate it a rock solid 5 out of 5, and would confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a consistent, reliable, and accurate paintball pistol. Trust me, with this gun, you'd rather be looking down the sights than up the barrel.

Niko Brain is a freelance writer and offers sound advice on the sport of Paintball. He runs his own personal paintball site and enjoys writing reviews on Paintball Guns, Paintball Gear, Tippmann and Spyder Paintball Guns. He's your "average Joe" paintball player and is an up and coming industry resource that loves to help newcomers to the sport.