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Paintball Gun Trade In Program

Paintball Gun Trade In Program

T68 Dual-Feed Generation 4 Marker--Trade

RAP4 is proud to announce the T68 Gen4 paintball gun Trade In Program. If you didn't receive the gift you wanted, or got the wrong gift altogether, here is your chance to get just what you need for the 2008 season.

RAP4's T68 Gen4 paintball gun has a revolutionary twin-feed system that enables you to use magazines or hoppers. It provides you with an experience that is as real as possible, with detachable magazines and amazing functionality. The T68 Gen4 uses an 18 round, detachable magazine, or any hopper. You can use both simultaneously if you like, holding those last eighteen rounds in standby should your hopper run dry while your opponents are pushing your bunker!

If you are looking for realistic gear for scenarios, training, or just having fun, the T68 Gen4 with its magazine feeding system will take you to that next level of realism. The T68 Gen4 is a fantastic scenario marker, with unique aesthetics and function that will set you apart in the sea of cloned markers.

Here is the kicker: got something this Christmas that you didn't want? RAP4 will take any paintball markers, airsoft guns, or BB guns in trade towards your purchase of a new T68 Gen4. What you trade does not even need to be working for you to earn up to $150 credit!

RAP4 unites and serves several disciplines in action gaming: airsoft, paintball, military and law enforcement training...so we decided the best way to serve our broad customer base is to allow you to trade in the old equipment you already have for the new gear you need. We just want to make it easier for our customers to get the newest and best products available.

Trade in your marker for these T68 Gen4's:
T68 Gen4 - Magazine Fed Paintball GunT68 SMGT68 X1T68 Thunder Strike Paintball GunT68 Vietnam M16 Paintball GunT68 M16 A2
T68 Genocide Paintball GunT68 M203 LauncherT68 Military Style M203 Grenade LauncherT68 RIS CQB Paintball GunT68 Titan Paintball GunT68 Phantom Grenade Launcher
T68 CQBT68 EnforcerT68 Extreme EnforcerT68 BasherT68 Extreme Sniper  Paintball GunT68 Frostbite Sniper Paintball Gun

Trade in guidelines:

1. Place your order directly online at http://rap4usa.com/images/a> with your payment of choice
2. NOTE in the comment box that this order is for the trade in program
3. Send in your trade item, with the order number written on the box, to the address below
4. We recommend you use a package tracking service and insurance in case you need to track your package
5. Once your trade in item is received, your order will be processed
6. All trades are final: no refunds, no exchanges
7. This trade in program is not valid with other promotional offers and to dealers