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Paintball HALO Game

Paintball HALO Game

RAP4 is proud to sponsor the Viper Paintball HALO game, and to run free Magfed Only games leading up to the weekend-long action! The big game is inspired by the HALO video game, and runs from Saturday through Sunday April 12-13…kicking off with camping, HALO video gaming in a mobile theater, and an evening of free magfed play on Friday night!

To get players ready for all that action, we’re taking over a field at the TXR Paintball host facility on Friday, April 11th, and setting up team challenges and magfed open play…for free. The RAP4 Magfed Truck will roll up with new markers boxed up and ready to go, hundreds of magazines, and at least 15 loaner 468s. If you need a magfed gun for the free magfed games, we’ll hook you up, along with spare mags and a mag carrier. Bring your paint and goggles, and we’ll hook you up with the gear you need to play.

If you already have magfed gear, just come on over ready to rock, and we’ll get you as much magfed action as you can stand.

Use this free event to learn the fields for the HALO game. Use it to dial in your magfed gear, warm up your trigger finger, run some plays with your crew, or just enjoy yourself in the most realistic paintball our sport has to offer.

Then come Saturday, you’ll be ready to charge the field with hordes of players. The action can run all the way to midnight Saturday, with just a few hours off to sleep and clean gear before it recommences on Sunday morning. Then it’s all-in for an epic final struggle for the title. You could be the deciding factor. Your squad can make the difference.

So you’d better prepare with some free magfed action on Friday.

As a proud event sponsor, we’re also donating a brand new 468 to the attendance prize raffle…and we’ll be servicing RAP4 gear all weekend long at our booth. Plus, we’ll be debuting our all-new RAP4 ATPAT all terrain pattern camouflage! Learn more in person.

We can’t wait to see you there.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!
2014-04-02 17:12:10