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Paintball Industry Responds to Global Warming - RAP4 Leads the Way!

RAP4 is proud to be part of the solution for a greener, more environmentally sound approach to paintball. From reducing packaging to promoting compressed air over CO2, from recycling paper and metal to tinkering with
paint formulas, big players in the paintball industry are working hard to make our sport more ecologically friendly.

It's good business, it's good for the sport's image...and research into making our sport more environmentally friendly has also improved several products.

RAP4 is proud to play a leading role in this industry initiative, by reformulating our paint fill and introducing a bold new soybean-based paintball as our standard field paint. The all-new RAP4 Field Paint uses easily biodegradable
soybean oil in the fill and manufacture of the paintballs. These chemicals, along with other ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable sources, allow RAP4 Field Paint to dissolve away in the rain or regular field cleaning,
absorbing harmlessly into the ground.

The chemicals left behind from paintballs all make their way into the ground, where they enter groundwater sources, affect plants, and through the plants and water sources, even affect the animals that live near paintball fields. With
billions of paintballs shot in natural settings every year, it's vital that our paint be non-toxic and easily broken down by nature.

Enter the soybean-based components of RAP4 Field Paint.

This socially responsible, environmentally friendly paint is available to players from coast to coast, directly through RAP4, and from local fields. At the unheard of low price of $39.95, RAP4 Field Paint is the solution your budget
needs as well.

RAP4 is proud to put this environmentally responsible solution in your hopper for a price that makes "going green" even more attractive.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!