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Play the Bad Guy with Tacamo's AK-Upgrades

Play the Bad Guy with Tacamo's AK-Upgrades

Make your Tippmann marker into the pride of the Soviets with Tacamo's exclusive line of upgrade parts. Sometimes you'll play as the Cuban Revolutionaries...sometimes as the drug cartel's henchmen...and sometimes as the pride of the old Soviet Empire. Regardless of the challenge, you can dress your gear in AK-47 clothes and be ready to rock as the opposing force in a matter of minutes.

Build your Tippmann into an AK-pattern marker with Tacamo's individual accessories. These bolt-on replacement parts swap out for certain parts of your marker, saving weight, or attach to the sight rail you already have. The Barrel Kit threads into Phenom, X7, A5, or M98 markers, giving you an AK-pattern barrel with wood-grain forearm and a truly useful front sight. Add an AK-pattern rear sight, or use your own barrel with the Front and Rear Sight Kit, and you'll improve first shot accuracy.

The AK Buttstock replaces the rear body plug, and gives you not just the look of the real AK's posterior...it also gives you the added stability of shooting from a shoulder-mounted platform. It's good both for looks and improving your accuracy.

The Tacamo AK Grip kit replaces the black grips on your Tippmann with wooden panels like on the real deal, and the M98 kit replaces the integral tactical handle with a wooden tactical handle that mimics those added to compact AKs.

Folding stocks and short CQB-length barrels are available to build a tanker-model AK out of your Tippmann, and the accessories can be complemented with the AK-style faux magazine. On Phenom, X7, and A5 pattern markers, this faux magazine gives your non-shooting hand a steady place to rest...and gives your marker's profile that unmistakable AK-look.

Save money and time by getting all the accessories you need, all at once, in Tacamo's AK kits for your specific model. Designed to fit each of the Tippmann models from M98 to the Phenom, you can pick up the standard AK kit with wooden hardware for the full-size battle rifle look, or the Krinkov kit for the folding-stock, compact-model look.

Tacamo even has complete marker packages, with the Tippmann marker as well as the accessories - prices start at $381 for a Tippmann Model 98 decked out to be a full size AK.

When it's time to play US or Allied forces again, easily remove the AK hardware and swap in the M4-style collapsible stock, M16-style handguards, and Weaver-rail accessories, and you're ready to rock.

Tacamo products are proudly presented by Real Action Paintball, as they continue to make paintball As Real as it Gets!