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RAP4 is proud to offer you dynamic marksmanship training tools that are perfect for your backyard, garage, or portable paintball shooting range. You can even add them to your existing paintball field or mobile event business to expose more people to the thrill of paintball…and to make money, too. The best part? The included Reactive Marksman Targets are completely reusable, work with paintballs or reusable training rounds, are highly portable, and work with the paintball guns you already own…

…or come with the gear you need to get plinking today. We have three packages to get you going!

Each of our Plinking Packages includes a three-paddle swinging target. Made of metal for years of use, the frame easily detaches from the legs for quick assembly and disassembly and ease of storage and transport. Simply snap the legs back onto the frame, set the target downrange, and you’re ready to engage the swinging paddles.

When you hit the paddles with a paintball, the ball bursts and swings the paddle backwards to show even at great distance that you hit the target. Gravity resets the paddle so you can shoot it again and again.

The paddles make transitioning from one target to another easy as each target resets, so that you don’t have to travel downrange until it’s time to pack up the Reactive Marksman Target. That means more time shooting…and almost no maintenance.

The Reactive Marksman Target is also rated for use with all of our training rounds, including the rubber reusable balls that are perfect for use with portable shooting ranges. You can even shoot our non-marking, water-filled balls at the Reactive Marksman Target, to get the splash of a paintball without any of the paint mess.

Our entry level kit, the Backyard Plinking Kit, comes with a Reactive Marksman Target and 500 plastic training rounds. Load them up in the paintball gun you already have, don your goggles (for safety, and so you practice marksmanship just like you’re going to play), and you’re ready to shoot your Reactive Marksman Target!

The Backyard Deluxe Plinking Package is designed for those looking for the ultimate experience in M4 carbine training, without the formal range, expense, and infrastructure needed for firing bullets. This package includes the Reactive Marksman Target, and also a 468 RIS with metallic sights, mid-length handguard, full-length barrel, and a multi-position collapsible stock that conceals an onboard 13ci 3000psi compressed air tank. It even comes with 5 DMags! This gun is ready for MagFed paintball, or shooting the (included) plastic training rounds at your reactive target—perfect for stores and fields that want to set up a special attraction for customers, and for players who want to train on an authentic reproduction of the 468 in the convenience of their own yard or garage.

The ultimate target practice experience comes with our Backyard Pro Plinking Package, which is perfect for businesses that use it as an attraction or special feature…but don’t have the means to refill compressed air tanks in the field. The Backyard Pro Plinking Package comes with the Reactive Marksman Target, 500 plastic training rounds, a 468 RIS gun, and also: ten DMags, a scuba tank fill station adapter, and a 30 cubic foot, 3,000psi scuba tank that will refill the 468’s tank all week long.

Whether you want to add some plinking fun to your backyard, create a new-player-friendly attraction for your field or store, or want to offer 468-based plinking at festivals and training sites, we have the Backyard Plinking Kit for you.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!


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