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Plug & Play Slide Check

Plug & Play Slide Check

RAP4 is updating our product catalog with all kinds of crucial gear for 2014, and our latest addition will make life with a remote line a whole lot easier: the RAP4 Plug & Play Slide Check. For all those who use a remote line to connect your paintball gun to your compressed air source, our Plug & Play Slide Check attaches between your remote line and the remote line adapter on your paintball marker, to provide an easy on/off switch…

…that doesn’t involve reaching around to the tank strapped to your back!

The RAP4 Plug & Play Slide Check is a simple, crucial tool for players using a remote line. Once installed at the far end of your remote line, you can turn your tank on to pressure the line, then strap on your load bearing vest (or whatever harness you use to haul the tank) without having the remote line attached to your paintball marker yet. When it comes time to attach it, simply slide the quick disconnect over the remote line adapter on your marker.

When you want to gas up your marker, slide the Plug & Play Slide Check’s on/off switch (a collar around the slide check) forward to let the air flow fast and unimpeded into your marker. It’s that easy.

The crucial improvement, though—the one that makes the $19.95 MSRP for the Plug & Play Slide Check an absolute steal—comes when it’s time to set your paintball marker down, clean it out, or for some other reason need to disconnect it from the remote line. Simply slide the on/off switch back towards the tank, and you cut off the flow of gas to your paintball marker. You don’t have to bleed the whole remote line; you don’t have to reach around to the tank on your back and turn it off; you don’t have to remove your vest, get a buddy to help, etc.

Just slide it “off” and disconnect your paintball marker. Then go about your business.

Is it time to charge the marker again and dash off into the action? Reattach the Plug & Play Slide Check to your marker, slide the switch forward, and you’ll hear that telltale sound of your marker gassing up.

It’s that easy…but only with the RAP4 Plug & Play Slide Check.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-02-28 00:00:00