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RAP AIR Live Fire Scenario Training Course at 2006 ASLET Confere

RAP AIR Live Fire Scenario Training Course at 2006 ASLET Confere

Awareness Protective Consultants LLC (APC) and RAP4 (RAP4) presents the RAP AIR live fire scenario training course at the 2006 ASLET Conference (American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers) held January 16th through 21st in Albuquerque NM.

About ASLET:
ASLET was founded in 1987. Today, ASLET is the largest law enforcement training association of its kind in the world. It has nearly 5,500 active members including members from Canada, Australia, England, Israel, Portugal, Germany, Haiti, France, Venezuela, Norway, Bangladesh, Guam, New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, and Africa. ASLET's strength is its diversity, reaching out and covering all training disciplines and encompassing the broadest possible definition of law enforcement, to include academy directors, field training officers, firearms instructors, criminal justice professors, defensive tactics instructors, emergency communications personnel, personal/private security, corrections, and police from all levels of government and specialized enforcement fields.

About RAP AIR Live Fire Scenario Training Course:
RAP AIR courses are incorporate with RAP4's product, utilize the latest air powered pistol and rifle that encompass the students a safe and effective way to train in a live-fire-environment. The course emphasis the use on force-on-force exercises against other students, where the basic skills are used under stress. RAP AIR course training concepts can take multiple live-fire drills and convert them to a force-on-force exercise replacing static targets with role players that provide realistic target movement as well as return fire.

RAP AIR at 2006 ASLET Conference:
The ASLET conference is an annual event that bring thousands of law enforcement, military, and security trainers from around the world. This year prestigious conference the attendees have the opportunity to view highlight high speed training with the use of RAP17 pistol and the RAP4 LE rifle in the RAP AIR training courses . Attendees who participate in the RAP AIR course will experience an intense training environment geared toward performing under stress. This will include time on a range as well as force on force scenarios.
RAP AIR course will be presented by APC.

In addition to the exciting day on the range, RAP AIR gear and equipment will be displayed at APC vendor's booth. This provides another opportunity to highlight the benefits of RAP4 gear with the APC training philosophy. Visitors to the booth will be able to see how the RAP AIR training combined with the weapons could enhance their agency�s performance, while showing how to lessen the liability commonly associated with poor training programs that use inappropriate equipment.

Full details of the conference we will be attending can be viewed at ASLET's web site at www.aslet.net

Full details of RAP AIR training course can be viewed at APC's web site at www.apcsecurities.net

Full details of RAP4 training gear and equipment can be viewed at RAP4's web site at www.rap4usa.com