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RAP4 468 DMR Bolt-Action Training Rifle

RAP4 468 DMR Bolt-Action Training Rifle

RAP4 is proud to announce a breakthrough in paintball precision arms: the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Want to hit targets out to 100 yards? Now you can.

Built on a receiver very similar to our game-changing 468, the DMR is bolt action operated, accepts shaped rounds or standard paintballs, and in testing has achieved velocity consistency of +/- 2 feet per second (fps)...which means that when you load up top-quality ammunition like First Strike rounds, the DMR will give you absolutely unheard of accuracy.

The DMR accepts our industry-leading DMags, so you have full interchangeability with the DMags you already use in your 468, Tacamo MKP-II, or other RAP4 DMag-ready marker. Those DMags are also ready to accept shaped rounds like First Strike rounds, so with the inexpensive DMags you already own, you can load up fourteen or twenty flight-optimized shaped rounds and deploy right into the heart of the action.

The military uses one magazine between the M4/M16 rifles and the M4/M16-based designated marksman rifles to keep things simple in the field, and to give operators the best interchangeability between their tactical precision weapons, CQB weapons, and patrol weapons. With the DMR designed to accept our DMags, you have that exact same functionality between your DMag-ready guns. So load up your mags, grab the gear suited to your mission, and hit the field with the confidence that you can make one-shot eliminations from clear across the field!

When you play an overwatch role, the DMR in your hands will be able to take out opposing snipers while you stay out of their range. You can drop the guards from around their base, clearing an approach for your team to breach their perimeter. Flank wide around the field, sneak in at an angle…and you can even eliminate their commander with a single shot. No one will know where it came from, because you could be up to a hundred yards away.

Also, because the DMR is one of the quietest paintball guns you can shoot. The closed bolt and bolt action operation combine to keep the sound signature at the chamber confined within the DMR. You only operate the bolt—which you can easily cycle with just two fingers—when you need to operate it, so there are no clattering parts or exhaust gases coming out of the action (like on semi-automatic paintball guns).

The DMR is in the final stages of production right now, and orders are already filling up fast. We’ll ship yours on or before March 29, 2014, and it will be ready to take straight to the field. In the meantime, our lead designer—Omar Macy—is putting the final touches on the concept models. He’s just about ready to release the DMR on the world.

Are you ready to step up and lead the designated marksman revolution?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!