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RAP4 .68cal Rifled Barrel

RAP4 .68cal Rifled Barrel

RAP4 .68cal Rifled Barrel

RAP4 proudly introduces our .68 Caliber Rifled Barrel. It's patented design is the best in the paintball market today! The high quality of these rifled barrels will give you the supreme performance needed on the field!

Extreme Accuracy

Tighter Pattern

Greater Distance

Spin-Free Projection

Quiet Performance*

*some barrels are designed for quiet performance. These barrels have 4 rows of 12 perforated holes. The rows run length wise along the barrel and are equally spaced around the end of the barrel. This design allows you to shoot freely without giving away your position.

What is a rifled barrel?
Inside the barrel (the bore) consists of many fine cuts that follow along the full length of the barrel. These cuts look like 10 sets of tiny train tracks. The track portion is called "the land". The portion that is cut away is called "the groove". The purpose of the land and groove pattern is to �glide and guide� the paintball down the bore, as well as provide a �spin-free projection� to stabilize the paintball in flight.

The following is a partial list of the paintball markers that are compatible with our rifled barrels:

32 Degrees
GT Commandos
PMI Razzor
Rebel Extreme
Silver Bullets
Tippmann Custom 98
Tippmann A-5

After choosing our .68 Caliber Rifled Barrel, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your performance!!!