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RAP4 Air Through Stock Solutions

RAP4 Air Through Stock Solutions

RAP4 is proud to announce a wide selection of Air Through Stock solutions that give you the choice of military-pattern stocks with the functional boost of running your air system right through the stock! Tipmmann X7 and X7 Phenom owners can now pick from Air Through Stock configurations that include M4-style collapsible stocks, a SOCOM-style stock with padded cheek piece, lightweight tube-style T-stock, H&K-style UMP stock, and even a universal skeleton stock. The kits come with all the parts you need to run the air through your stock, so you can attach a remote line and carry that heavy, ugly air tank securely out of the way - and out of sight - on your back.

For fans of true tactical gear, the M4-style Internal Flexi-Air Kit and Collapsible Buttstock Package puts a multi-position, military-pattern collapsible stock on either a Tippmann X7 or X7 Phenom. This complete kit includes everything you need to reconfigure the air system to run through a standard remote line fitting cleverly engineered into the stock...which gets the hoses off of your marker, and allows you the freedom of putting your tank in your harness!

Players who want to create the look and feel of real SOCOM-issue gear should turn to the Tacamo SOCOM Air Through Buttstock that attaches directly to the rear ASA on your X7 Phenom. With a foam-padded cheek piece, authentic SOCOM styling, and a discreet remote line attachment point, you can get the SOCOM experience while improving the performance of your marker by getting that tank out of the way and running your remote line directly through the stock!
m4 paintball air butt stock

For players who need a straightforward, minimal weight, adjustable-length stock, the Tacamo T-Stock Air Through Buttstock is the light, convenient, low-cost solution. Featuring tubular construction with a gently-sloped T-style stock that curves to fit your shoulder, this stock is adjustable with a thumb-tightened tension screw for a custom fit that's easily adapted to your layers, tactical vest, or other bulk. Run your remote line through the integral adapter, and you're set!

The Air Through UMP Adapter & Stock with Remote Line Adapter is designed for players who want to take advantage of the ergonomic, modern military styling of the X7 and X7 Phenom markers by adding a UMP stock. Named for the Universal Military Pistol (UMP) arm designed by Heckler & Koch, the RAP4 UMP Stock takes the UMP's military-grade folding stock and adapts it directly to paintball. It looks sharp on your Tippmann, and with this kit, you can install it on your X7 or X7 Phenom in moments and then hook it straight up to your remote line!
skeleton air paintball gun stock

Does a skeletonized stock fit your design aesthetic best? The RAP4 Air Through Skeleton Adapter and Stock is your all-in-one solution for putting a stock on your X7 or X7 Phenom...and running your remote line discreetly into your marker to get that tank safely out of your way! With cosmetic lines that evoke the skeletonized stocks found on some carbines and AK-pattern rifles, this Skeleton Adapter and Stock takes real-world lightweight functionality and applies it directly to paintball...with the RAP4 innovation of running a remote line directly through the stock adapter! All you need now is the Flexi-Air Hose (and Tombstone Adapter for the X7) to get your X7 Phenom decked out!

These stocks augment RAP4's already wide line of stocks that include Magpul PTS MOE stocks, the SMG Retractable Buttstock, H&K-inspired Air-Through Commando Stock, SCAR-Inspired Assault Stock, and many others. When you need to upgrade the ergonomics of your Tippmann, fundamentally change its look, or add the revolutionary Air Through Stock advantage, you need RAP4's innovative solutions.

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