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RAP4 Airsmith Certification Classes

RAP4 Airsmith Certification Classes

RAP4 is proud to announce a partnership with the Paintball Training Institute (PTI) to offer RAP4 and RAP5 Master Airsmith Certification classes. Starting in April 2006, PTI will include two of the most popular products of RAP4 in its curriculum. The new PTI certification class will encompass the complete break-down of RAP4 and RAP5 paintball markers, including making proper adjustments, understanding maintenance requirements, and how to completely rebuild the marker core.

Graduates will have in-depth knowledge of RAP4's products, and will be able to offer their service and expertise to their local Military and Law Enforcement agencies which are currently using RAP4 and RAP5 in their training curriculum. This training will also be useful in the scenario and milsim paintball markets.

PTI is the global leader in paintball training, and offers several different certifications:

C1 CERTIFICATION: Basic Certified Air Technician; In this class, the student will have hands-on experience filling CO2 and high pressure systems, as well as training on booster pumps and compressors.

C2 CERTIFICATION: Advanced CO2 and HP Air Technician; This class certifies the graduate to operate a certified fill station anywhere, and to administer hazardous materials training for fill station operators as required by DOT. This certification also enables the graduate to inspect CO2 and compressed air propellant gas storage bottles used in paintball marker systems, and to service some of the more popular paintball markers. Persons wanting concentrated hands-on experience operating fill stations may want to also take the C6 class.

C3 CERTIFICATION: Safety Instructor and Game Organizer; This certification will enable the graduate to conduct paintball player safety classes in accordance with an established lesson plan. This certification class is pending a new ASTM standard safety briefing, and will be offered soon after the standard is passed and the new player safety program is initiated.

C4 CERTIFICATION: Referee; This certification will enable the graduate to organize and conduct paintball games and to officiate at paintball tournaments and other organized games in accordance with established procedures.

C5 CERTIFICATION: Advanced Airsmith; This certification will attest to a graduate's capabilities at conducting advanced repairs of many paint guns and marker propellant systems. This is a hands-on class, with an excellent teacher/student ratio.

C5a CERTIFICATION: Master Airsmith; This class will take airsmithing to a new level. The most advanced and most expensive markers will be taught. Students will experience actual hands on troubleshooting of many "buggared markers" (models that are especially prone to bugs), from the Tippmann C3 Propane to the Smart Part SP-8. Every student will be required to fix many different markers in order to graduate, and will receive special tools and parts kits with this class. These graduates will be recognized as the best air-smiths in the industry.

C6 CERTIFICATION: Field Operator; This class covers the daily routine of operating a paintball field and/or store. This course emphasizes air fills and bottle safety inspections.

Business & Marketing: Paintball Business Success Tactics; This class offers insight on what to do before and after opening a new business including store/field business and marketing strategies, approaching lending institutions, and zoning and Planned Business Development.

The Paintball Training Institute currently boasts graduates from all around the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world, including Norway, Croatia, Nigeria, South America, Australia, Malaysia, and other paintball countries. No other course or training anywhere offers this kind of intense curriculum or opportunity for factory certifications. The Paintball Training Institute continues to provide opportunities that reflect its reputation as the world leader in paintball training. For training information, call 800-541-9169, or visit www.paintball-pti.com online for details.