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RAP4 Announces Jeremy VanSchoonhoven Celebrity Spokesman

RAP4 Announces Jeremy VanSchoonhoven Celebrity Spokesman

RAP4 Proudly Announces Jeremy VanSchoonhoven Celebrity Spokesman

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is a National Bike Trials Champion, an intensifying extreme sport that the participant rides a mountain bike over obstacles for example big boulder/rocks, vehicles, logs, tables, and off the roofs of buildings.


Jeremy is a Champion Observed Trials Rider - a challenging extreme sport where the rider steers through an obstacle course without letting his feet touch the ground. Jeremy who is currently ranked #1 in the United States, has excited thousands of people with his tricks and stunts. Jeremy's astonishing demonstrations have him jumping, bounding and springing over vehicles, boulders, trees, and numerous other props and obstacles.

Jeremy is the youngest professional in the history of USA cycling. He does well over 60 exhibitions and competitions yearly at an assortment of events which include half-time shows, rodeos, motor sports events, corporate meetings and bicycle safety demos at schools.

RAP4, LLC, (RAP4) is a manufacturer and distributor of military, law enforcement, and gaming equipment head-quartered in Santa Clara, California (USA). RAP4 (online www.rap4usa.com) is the leader in providing groundbreaking products to the paintball industry. They offer 'one-stop shopping' for all your gaming, tactical, and training equipment.

"We're honored to have Jeremy on board, we believe he will put Real Action Paintball in the spotlight to the wider range of extreme sport enthusiast" said Mr. Tran of RAP4. "From my bike riding I know that to be the best you need the right equipment. I believe that RAP4 can provide that equipment," said Jeremy. Jeremy is not just RAP4 celebrity spokesman but also a big fan of RAP4's product. "I found RAP4 it was a dream come true!" said Jeremy enthusiastically.
"I was impressed with the accuracy of the T68" said Jeremy. The T68 is RAP4s latest release. The unit was sold out after only 3 weeks following its introduction. With the mounting popularity of extreme sport Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is RAP4's flag ship for product branding.

"Our branding scores have jumped," said Mr. Tran of RAP4. RAP4 is gaining mainstream recognition and popularity in the industry as well as in the world of extreme sport. RAP4's innovative market strategy is brilliant; by securing an outside industry celebrity as spokesman RAP4 is able to draw a diverse group of extreme sport enthusiasts into paintball. Paintball is the fastest growing sport according to American Sports Data Inc. with this new marketing plan RAP4 will be able to present their products to a new customer rather than challenging their competitors for the same ones.

RAP4 Celebrity Endorsement plan thrusts this exciting paintball sport forward to gain exposure to National Magazines and TV where paintball is not known.