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RAP4 At Athens Maritime Security Conference 2009

RAP4 At Athens Maritime Security Conference 2009

RAP4 is proud of our role in the Athens Maritime Security Conference 2009. The prestigious event covered the latest maritime intelligence, policy positions, and security issues concerning maritime operators. RAP4 participated in education and demonstration events concerning piracy, terrorism, and other crimes targeting the industry. RAP4 and NGK Shipping Ltd showcased and demonstrated the latest less lethal products that keep crews and cargo safe in dangerous waters.

The RAP4 T68 Land Warrior less lethal launcher was tremendously popular at the AMSC. The Land Warrior employs the innovative SplitFire design, a technological milestone that earned the Law Enforcement Technology Innovation Award of 2009. The SplitFire component of the T68 platform allows users to select between two different less lethal projectile types carried simultaneously onboard the less lethal launcher...so trained personnel can expertly meet escalating and deescalating threats with the appropriate countermeasure.

NGK Shipping Ltd is staffed with ex-special forces personnel who are experts in security and counterterrorism. RAP4 and NGK Shipping Ltd offer maritime customers the latest products and solutions for security against maritime piracy and other violent threats.

Together, RAP4 and NGK Shipping Ltd presented real solutions to real problems faced on the high seas.

Top concerns addressed at the Athens Maritime Security Conference 2009 include:
- Focus on Piracy: how to prevent piracy and respond to hijackings
- Passenger Shipping: the next target - strategies to protect cruise ships
- Energy Shipping: the threat to tankers

Organized by Informa Maritime Events, the Athens Maritime Security Conference came at a timely moment in light of today's heightened concern about threats to the safety and security of ships and their crews.

Prominent industry personalities, security experts, and other professionals provided a wealth of up-to-the-minute insights, news, and valuable analysis. Key talks offered practical advice on how to mitigate risk, and other aspects of security.

Among the conference's highlights, officials, analysts and security specialists addressed the fast-expanding scourge of modern day piracy. They outlined strategies to overcome the pirate threat, presented the latest security practices for merchant ships, and projected how the threat of piracy may develop in the immediate and medium-term future.

RAP4 is proud to have participated in this important maritime summit. For more information on RAP4�s full line of less lethal products, visit www.rap4lesslethal.com