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RAP4 - At Fort Hunter Liggett California

RAP4 - At Fort Hunter Liggett California

RAP4 - At Fort Hunter Liggett!

RAP4 is proud to supply the latest in force-on-force training equipment to the US Army soldiers who train at Fort Hunter Liggett in central California. Military personnel use RAP4 products in actual combat training, where they engage character actors and static targets, dynamic OpFor, and learn to detect IEDs. RAP4 paintball guns enable them to conduct safe training in tactics and protocol on facilities that are not designed for normal small arms fire.

Paintball guns in the T68 series are currently being used by many military and law enforcement units, as the T68 perfectly replicates the ergonomics, point of aim, and controls of the M16 family of small arms. The T68 paintball guns shoot marking paintballs, which cost far less than firearm ammunition and are considerably safer to shoot indoors and in dynamic scenarios. Other special training rounds for the T68 paintball guns feature different fills for different facilities: pure water for when you can't leave splats behind, and powder when you need visual confirmation of hits but have to keep the mess to a minimum. The T68 paintball guns have proven reliable, durable, and innovative enough to win the prestigious Law Enforcement Technology 2009 "Innovation Award."

Innovative military combat training has never been so important. With deployment into hostile territories where they encounter a new kind of foe, military personnel of all specialties are now receiving life-saving combat training. The RAP4 T68 paintball guns make that training as real as it gets, while keeping operating costs down and allowing trainers to use an unprecedented variety of facilities and materials in their drills. There is nothing like the kinetic reinforcement of being hit with a paintball round to reinforce critical lessons, and there is no experience quite like taking fire to prepare soldiers for the rigors of real combat.

Soldiers are engaging threats at pointblank range in theater, as they clear buildings and must sort in a moment between threats and civilians. Much of modern combat occurs in cities and complicated urban environments, where our soldiers are vulnerable to threats from all angles. Training for building entry and searches requires elaborate structures be built that can withstand small arms fire while replicating real world dwellings...but when units train with the T68 paintball markers, they don't have to worry about stopping bullets - just paintballs. This allows facility designers significantly more freedom in creating scenarios and training structures, and affords a level of trainee safety unavailable with duty arms.

RAP4 is proud to assist our soldiers in their CQB training at Fort Hunter Liggett, and around the world, by providing equipment and resources that get them ready to ship out. RAP4 - as real as it gets!