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RAP4 At Shot Show 2014

RAP4 At Shot Show 2014

Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) As the industry’s premier trade show, SHOT Show will bring together tens of thousands of military, law enforcement, and defense industry experts for four days at this world-famous trade show!

If you’re going to SHOT Show, stop past booth #12775 and you’ll get to see the Professional Training Rifle (PTR) and meet two of our top experts: Omar Macy, lead designer of the 468 and PRT, and George Young, our military / law enforcement representative. These two professionals know the ins and outs of training as realistically as possible with force-on-force exercises, and are ready to show you the unparalleled realism of training with the PTR.

The PTR and 468 also integrate seamlessly with Laser Shot’s dynamic training system, which features an interactive training experience. The Laser Shot system presents the shooter with realistic use of force scenarios that require interaction with lifelike figures, and sometimes, neutralizing shots…that’s where the PTR comes in: the PTR handles, operates, points, looks, and feels, just like a duty-issue M4, but shoots inert training projectiles instead of bullets. The Laser Shot system can be easily configured to track these projectiles, plotting their impact on the screen relative to elements of the scene…and the computer controlling the simulation then puts the enemy targets down just as if you hit him right where that projectile struck the screen!

Laser Shot will have their system on display at SHOT, so you can see for yourself how our PTR transitions perfectly from force-on-force training to simulated use of fire situation training (at just about any training facility in the world!). Ask Omar how the PTR developed out of the 468, and what the future holds for our dynamic training equipment…and ask George about the success the PTR and Laser Shot are enjoying in the field right now!

We’ll see you at SHOT Show 2014, booth #12775!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!