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RAP4 At the NTOA 2010 Show in Pittsburg PA

RAP4 At the NTOA 2010 Show in Pittsburg PA

RAP4 proudly attended the 2010 National Tactical Officers Association convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The convention brought together the top officers, instructors, trainers, and tactical equipment innovators for a weeklong symposium and tradeshow.

RAP4 videographers captured some of the highlights on the showroom floor. Take a look at RAP4's amazing booth and industry-leading equipment, watch tactical robots patrolling the convention, and feel the excitement of this annual gathering by watching the video here:

Among hundreds of vendors, RAP4's booth was recognized as the leader in less-lethal law enforcement equipment. The T68 family of markers was on display, along with RAP4's line of impressive less-lethal and training ammunition. The solutions RAP4 offered to universal tactical and training problems ensured that RAP4's name and ideas stayed foremost in the minds of top training officers and industry specialists.

One of the core problems tactical officers face is in making their training as real as it gets - they need to train as they will have to serve, so that their skills and instincts are both sharp and relevant to the real world. That means using regular homes and offices for training, and interacting with actors and role-players rather than static paper targets or dummies�which is impossible to do safely with regular firearms and live ammunition.

RAP4 proudly showed the 2010 NTOA Conference the perfect solution: RAP4 compressed air markers that shoot a range of marking and non-marking projectiles at velocities that are safe for use in force-on-force training. These markers cannot fire live ammunition, and RAP4's line of compressed air powered training ammunition includes water-based non-marking pellets that are suitable for use in borrowed facilities - enabling officers to train in real world settings!

Watch the video, and marvel at the T68 marker, RAP4 XPower, RAP17, and RAP226 that perfectly replicate the look, feel, and user controls of duty gear. This realism means that officers can develop one set of instincts that is common between their training and duty equipment.

At a convention notable for cutting edge equipment and clever solutions to law enforcement's toughest training questions, RAP4 proved to be a true industry leader.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!