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RAP4 Awarded DMAG Patent

RAP4 Awarded DMAG Patent

RAP4 is proud of our latest patent: it covers the DMag to ensure that the DMags you purchase can only be made to our specifications for interoperability, our excellent quality control standards...and made only by us, right here in the United States, for you. We want to ensure that your magfed experience is as real as it gets, as exciting as possible, and completely authentic!

You can check out our patent online here:http://patents.uspto.gov/web/patents/patog/week46/OG/html/1396-2/US08578919-20131112.html

DMags are a revolutionary ammunition delivery system for our magfed markers, and represent the very latest in paint feeding technology. The concept began with the spring-powered ammunition magazines in military service - like those 30 round mags the US Army and Special Forces use. Our first generation of paintball magazines worked well enough, but we found ways to improve them...and we were sure that we could get the price point down considerably.

So Omar Macy, inspired by military magazine designs, led the effort to create an all-new paintball magazine...and produced a twin-column magazine that provides unparalleled reliability, positive paint retention, accepts First Strike rounds, and best of all: retails for about $6.

A ten pack of twenty round DMags retails on our site right now for only $58.95...making their low cost as revolutionary as their patented design. So go ahead and throw one to a teammate who needs more ammo; drop the mag and forget about it until after the game; play as hard as you can...because if you somehow manage to break a DMag, or never see one again, it's no big deal to get a new one. We even offer spare DMag parts for a few cents each, so you can fix just about any problem (if you think it's worth your time).

We knew we would need to protect this awesome new design, to protect you from low-quality imitations and to ensure that only our facilities - with our new machines, our quality control, and our personnel, all right here in the United States - produce DMags. That's why we applied for the patent. In recognition of its unique design the US Patent Office just granted us Patent US 8,578,919 B2.

Thank you for your support of magfed paintball, our industry-leading products, and the exciting DMags. They're made proudly in the USA, and we're excited to provide them to you for an extremely low price.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!