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RAP4 Awarded Drum Mag Patent

RAP4 Awarded Drum Mag Patent

The secrets are out about the RAP4 Drum Magazine, the Holy Grail of MagFed gear: it holds 100 rounds. It feeds, functions, and looks just like modern drum-style high capacity magazines. It took our lead engineer, Omar Macy, two years to design…

…and it’s legal for Modern Combat Sports and MagFed Only events, as well as every traditional game where you need 100 rounds of force-fed ammunition at the ready.

Want to see inside, and learn how the revolutionary Drum Mag works? Check out the patent paperwork here: http://pimg-faiw.uspto.gov/fdd/19/2014/11/025/0.pdf

The groundbreaking RAP4 Drum Mag is designed to replicate the super-high-capacity drum magazines carried into battle by elite warfighters. The RAP4 Drum Mag looks like those drum magazines. It balances the way they do. It carries the same amount of ammunition, and provides the full user experience…

…while interfacing perfectly with your RAP4 468.

The RAP4 Drum Mag truly brings Modern Combat Sports to its full potential, allowing you to play as a squad machine gunner or in any role where a massive amount of firepower is required. Operators like the firepower of drum magazines…and now, you can have it too.

The RAP4 Drum Mag is our response to professionals who require higher capacity magazines while demanding the reliability, authenticity, and durability of completely mechanical designs. To satisfy those specialized players, we designed the Drum Mag to accept standard spherical ammunition or First Strike rounds.

Imagine having 100 First Strike rounds loaded into your 468, ready to fly one at a time or in fully automatic bursts. Imagine having the equivalent of five DMags inserted at the same time. Now imagine what your opponents think as that paint rains into their position…

The Drum Mag utilizes twelve individual chambers per drum, holding three rounds under constant spring pressure in each chamber. A dispensing wheel carries rounds from the chambers onto a track that guides them into the magazine adapter portion of the Drum Mag, where they’re fed into your 468. Pull the trigger, and your 468 with RAP4 Drum Mag does everything else to get the next round safely into the chamber just about instantaneously.

It’s what the professionals demand, and what we’re proud to bring you…now, 100 shots at a time!

Players have been waiting for this technology for more than 20 years, and it’s almost here--the RAP4 Drum Mag will be ready in 2015. Stand by to pre-order, because once the paint starts flying, you’ll either have a Drum Mag…or wish you did.

2014-10-14 18:37:09