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RAP4 Basic Painting Scenario DVD

RAP4 Basic Painting Scenario DVD

RAP4 presents, for your viewing pleasure: "Basic Painting." Filmed at West Point, this DVD by Scenario Paintball Films will train and entertain you while providing a solid introduction to scenario paintball.

Paintball is a very accessible sport, as it is played by men and women, the young and the old...side by side. It is a game of fun, excitement, and challenging your wits. You must play the game to understand it, and "Basic Painting" will give you the knowledge you need to get playing now!

Player and industry reviews suggest "Basic Painting" might be the best paintball film yet produced. It provides an entertaining look behind the scenes at the West Point Spring Combat Classic, and contains information and footage of interest to players who already think they know our challenging sport. "Basic Painting" is masterfully filmed, with mesmerizing detail and stunning images that really take you into paintball - a game played by millions in countries all around the world.

This film presents our sport in a whole new light by showcasing scenario paintball while giving the viewers first person insight into the many facets of the sport. If you are new to paintball, this film will get you into the game and let you see what it's all about. If you are a paintball enthusiast, this film will help you relive the heart-pumping action you love about the game...and help you show it to others so they see exactly that you're talking about.

"Beautifully shot and thoroughly enjoyable, 'Basic Painting' has raised the bar for all other paintball films." Ryan McDonald, PBLIVE.TV

"Greatest documentary and video of scenario paintball I have ever seen."
Eric Engler, Engler Paintball Guns

"Basic Painting delivers on its promise of being an introduction to scenario paintball at West Point's Spring Combat Classic and does so with a level professionalism that places it at the top of the paintball DVD heap!" Steve Davidson

"To get a good idea of what scenario paintball is all about, this DVD is the best way to get an exciting look into the world of paintball in the woods." Bea Paxon

Add a copy to your order today, and watch it while you set up your gear this weekend. Get a copy for a friend, a teacher, anyone who wants to know more, or anyone who just doesn't "get it"...yet.

They will...and you'll be thoroughly entertained.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!