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RAP4 Battle Rattle Photo Contest

RAP4 Battle Rattle Photo Contest

RAP4 wants to see your mil-sim load-out--the gear you wear into battle when victory is on the line. It's our latest Facebook-based photo contest, and we have a great prize for the player who our Facebook fans think has the hottest gear. Once our fans choose the winner, we'll get in contact and send them a pair of Anniversary Special Edition Hawkeye Goggles absolutely free, so that they can look their best on-field...and enjoy industry-leading protection in even the thickest action.

These contests are our way of honoring you, the players who make mil-sim paintball the fantastic scene it is today. Your participation makes awesome games happen; your dedication drives an entire section of the industry; your spirit keeps the game growing. That's pretty cool, and we want to give you some credit...and a free pair of goggles!

Entering the contest is simple: take a photo of your gear, or have a friend snap a picture of you wearing it. Show off your battle rattle--all the gear you strap onto your vest, load onto your harness, and clamp onto your marker. Capture the excitement of mil-sim paintball the way you play it, with the gear you trust, and then like us on Facebook.

There you can upload that picture, and check out the other great shots of players keeping it real around the world. Vote for your favorite photo by giving it a star rating, and when the contest ends, we'll tally all the stars given to each picture to determine our fans' favorite image.

If that's you, then prepare a spot in your gear bag for an exclusive set of Anniversary Special Edition Hawkeye Goggles that feature clear polymer construction throughout. These distinctive goggles are not available for sale; you can only win them through our contests...so wear them with pride as you enjoy industry-leading protection with a completely unique design.

Who were the top contestants last time? We've put together a great video that shows many of our fans' favorite team pics, and gives you some ideas for how to shoot your contest entry! View that great video clip here.

Then be sure to enter our contest.

RAP4--As Real as it Gets!