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VIDEO: RAP4 Box Magazine At Decay of Nations 2011

VIDEO: RAP4 Box Magazine At Decay of Nations 2011

RAP4 is proud to bring you along to "Decay of Nations 2011" in a hot new video shot by a Land Warrior II Wireless Video Camera from the perspective of the barking muzzle of an MK5 Converted A5...that's fed by the RAP4 Box Magazine!

Think all that tech info is intense? Wait until you see streams of paint issuing like laser beams from the MK5 Converted A5, digging opponents out of doorways, from behind barricades, and sending them home from across the field. This video is hot, and filled with new technology that made a difference at "Decay of Nations 2011"...

...and is changing the game at fields around the world this year!

Start with the marker you ride atop as the video gets rolling. The flash hider you see on that muzzle is from a RAP4 Recon Barrel threaded into an MK5 Conversion Kit. Designed to greatly enhance the realism of your marker by preserving mil-sim aesthetics and getting rid of that ugly hopper, the MK5 Conversion Kit also empowers you to use interchangeable box magazines for positive feeding at any angle and at any cyclic rate. The conversion kit preserves the heart and soul of your marker, by replacing the body shells of your Tippmann A5 or other model-specific marker, allowing you to use the exact same internals you've come to rely on.

Check out the streams of paint coming from that MK5 Converted A5!
Those bursts come from a source even deeper than a twenty round
magazine: the RAP4 Box Magazine! Designed to replicate the look and feel of a SAW box magazine, the RAP4 Box Magazine holds 250 paintballs! The revolutionary Nautilus Drive keeps a stack of paintballs cued up and ready to load into your chamber, and keeps them under constant pressure. This virtually eliminates chopping at full-auto cyclic rates, and ensures that you get a ball every single time you need to make a shot count!

Finally, the in-game footage - and many of the stills - was taken from the Land Warrior II Wireless Video Camera! Featuring 720 x 480 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second, you get smooth, clear video that captures the heat of battle and all the fun around the vendors' area and campsite. The rechargeable 3.2v 2200mah batteries that keep it going all scenario long are included, as are the charger and three mounts - a universal barrel mount, a helmet mount, and the RIS mount used in the video to attach the camera to the full-length RIS rail atop the MK5 Converted A5!

Check out the homepage for more info on where you can see RAP4 gear in action - in videos and at fields near you - and be sure to check out the hot gear that makes this

MCS Gen2 Box Magazines are now available!
Link https://mcsus.com/collections/mcs-box-magazine