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RAP4 Camo Tape Hunter - Sportsmen Release

RAP4 Camo Tape Hunter - Sportsmen Release

Make your gear disappear with RAP4 Camouflage Tape, your best solution for adding temporary camouflage to your equipment, blinds, or wardrobe. Made of camo-printed cloth backed with special clean-removing adhesive, RAP4 Camouflage is
designed to hold in place when you need it...then come off clean when you're done.

Protect your rifle, shotgun, or bow from the hazards of the field. Rocks, fences, barbed wire, truck beds...hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities are hard on gear - especially finished surfaces like walnut stocks, blued barrels,
and steel equipment. Protect your investment with RAP4 Camouflage Tape by putting a layer of cotton between your gear and the elements. After the hunt, unwind the tape to reveal a rifle that was properly insulated from scratches, water,
and other hazards. The adhesive is designed to stick to the cotton tape...not metal and wood, so there will be no mess to clean off!

Some gear is unnecessarily shiny, like the gleaming stainless steel on your ATV, the reflective stripes on cross training shoes, shining belt buckles... Don't let the bright sun's glint give away your position, or frighten off
approaching wildlife. Cover it with RAP4 Camouflage Tape, and maintain the integrity of your camouflage outfit and hunting blind.

Fishermen and fowlers know their marine environment poses special challenges, like water that makes things slippery and damages your gear. Cover your shotgun in RAP4 Camouflage Tape to put a barrier between the finish and the spray, and
wrap the tape around throttle handles, cleats, ladder rungs, plastic pole handles...anywhere you want a sure grip despite sweaty hands, water buildup, or other fluids getting on your gear.

Available in twenty one different patterns, including solid desert beige and traditional olive drab, digital ACU and classic woodland, there is a roll of RAP4 Camouflage Tape to match every sporting environment. As the seasons change, or
you travel to pursue fish and game in other states, you can add swatches of other RAP4 Camouflage Tape to augment or replace your standard layer. Use German Flecktarn in the fall, with the red and orange leaves; use Realtree to match
your Realtree hunting camouflage. Repair your blinds with standard woodland...

...just don't forget where you laid your gear, because with camouflage tape this good, you might not find it for a while!

RAP4 Camouflage Tape - when you're serious about concealment.

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