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RAP4 Christmas Day: 1,000 Palm Lites Giveaway

RAP4 Christmas Day: 1,000 Palm Lites Giveaway

RAP4 is excited to announce a special giveaway this Christmas Day: 1,000 Palm Lites by Cryptonic. Pay only the shipping...and get this hot new battery-less light absolutely free.

RAP4 wants you to stay safe this year, in all weather and every environment, so in the spirit of giving we're giving away 1,000 Palm Lites.

The Palm Lite by Cryptonic is the perfect flashlight to keep on hand for emergency situations, as it does not require batteries - power it up with a few squeezes of the integral charging lever, and you'll have enough light to find your way back to camp, around the house, out of the cave...or out of whatever predicament befalls you.

With no batteries to change - ever - you can pack a Palm Lite in your gear bag and forget about it. Put one in your glove box, bailout bag, tool kit, or boat...and not think about it again until you need it.

Then there it will be, ready to serve, its virtually indestructible LEDs ready to light the way.

Unlike flashlight bulbs, the Palm Lite's LEDs can survive altitude changes and impacts with ease. Unlike battery powered lights, the Palm Light will never have corroded terminals or specialty batteries that run out of power. Just squeeze the charging handle for five minutes, and you get over an hour of useable light. The Palm Lite is even designed for one-hand charging and use, leaving your other hand free to climb, clear debris, or thread your way through the forest.

But this offer is only good for the first 1,000 orders, only on Christmas Day, and only through rap4usa.com. Pay only the shipping cost to your door, and we'll hook you up with the free Palm Lite by Cryptonic.

We're thankful for your business...and want you to stay safe out there!

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