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RAP4 Combat Paintball Pistols - Play in a Whole New Way

RAP4 Combat Paintball Pistols - Play in a Whole New Way

RAP4 is proud to introduce you to a whole new way to play paintball: with your semi-automatic, blowback-slide, paintball-only replica of real service pistols!

You've played out plenty of scenarios with your main marker, fulfilling the infantry and Special Ops roles...but have you ever gone under cover? Have you ever played James Bond -style, blasting your way out from behind their lines with nothing but a paint pistol?

How long would you last - really - as a downed pilot in enemy territory, or a hostage escaping a Taliban-controlled city? There's only one way to find out...

Get your RAP4 Combat Pistol, the same real duty sidearms in use by militaries, police departments, and security forces around the world. The RAP4 Combat Pistol has the exact size, shape, feel, natural point of aim, and controls of a real handgun...and an eight round detachable magazine for its .43 caliber paint. Carry a spare mag in your pocket, or two in the magazine pouch of the RAP4 Leg Holster, and you'll be ready to play a host of brand new roles.

Now you can be the objective of a scenario: start behind their lines with only the RAP4 Combat Pistol, and soften them up while your team tries to "liberate" you. When you're eliminated...your team loses. If they can keep you "in," and keep you on their side of the field until the time is up, the bad guys win. How James Bond are you, really?

Every long-haul player who gears up in the morning and doesn't leave the field until sundown needs extra paint, water...and a backup pistol for CQB, running light, and in case the main marker goes down. The RAP4 Combat Pistol offers that backup in an incredibly light and portable package...that has the exact look and feel you need in a MilSim game.

The RAP4 Combat Pistol comes in traditional black, or with a tan or military green frame - even blue. Each pistol has an accessory rail molded into the dustcover, so you can mount your tactical light, laser, or other standard picatinny rail accessory. Holsters are available in any camo pattern you need, and mount to your thigh right where your hand drops for the smoothest, fastest draw available.

When you're ready to take your game to the next level of realism, of challenge, of excitement, you need RAP4's Combat Pistol. RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!