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RAP4 DVR Private Security

RAP4 DVR Private Security

Get professional security day or night, inside or out, in any lighting condition with the RAP4 Portable DVR recorder. This compact camera is perfect for monitoring security inside your business, and around your facility - it records in full color, with full audio, and with its eight infrared illuminators, even records high-contrast video in absolute darkness.

Features of the RAP4 Portable DVR include:
-Eight IR illuminators to record high contrast video in absolute darkness
-Real Time and Date display options
-Resolution of 640x480 pixels at 30 frames per second
-Repeat storage by section for 2 minute sections
-Cigarette lighter power adapter included
-Wall charger included
-Rechargeable battery
-Records to interchangeable SD cards

After the lights go out in your business, or when the nightclub goes dark for the evening mood, the infrared illuminators provide the RAP4 Portable DVR with ample "light" to see just as well as in broad daylight. Keep track of employees as they ring sales into the cash register, and survey those hidden nooks in the warehouse where things go missing. With the included AV cables, you can hook up the camera to display real time video right on your computer or television, affording a convenient security upgrade with minimal installation.

Private firms in charge of property security will find great utility in these minute cameras - the suction cup mount, included with each camera, attaches to the windshield of your patrol car or just about any smooth, flat surface. Rotate the location you put these cameras to keep perpetrators guessing about your areas of surveillance; put a camera up in a hurry when you don't have time, or opportunity, to install a permanent mount.

And when you need to make a video record of a problem, solution, or security concern, detach the camera and use it as a handheld recorder - the rechargeable battery and high-capacity SD cards used for video storage make the RAP4 Portable DVR truly versatile.

Use the RAP4 Portable DVR in your vehicles, on your boats, or in static locations around your facility. Aim them at the cash register, the front door, out over the back of your building, or establish a perimeter. Detach one and take to the field for handheld recording, and then download the files to your computer with the included USB cable or by removing the memory card and using your card reader. The universal .avi file format is ready to play on your computer, and those of anyone you send the files.

With the RAP4 Portable DVR, you have a fantastic tool for day and night security, indoors and outdoors, in static locations, on the move, and even in your hand. The RAP4 Portable DVR is your total video solution.