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RAP4 Factory Direct Wholesale Program

RAP4 Direct: Big News for Small Business
RAP4 is proud to announce RAP4 Factory Direct. This wholesale program offers low factory prices to small and medium retail stores, great deals on manufacturer-direct shipping, and personalized customer service.
RAP4 Factory Direct gives small and medium stores the same purchasing power as big companies, which lowers your overhead and gives you the freedom to set price points that are competitive in your market. Orders are shipped
directly from our  warehouse. We can process your orders to quickly ship from that port, to send your goods to virtually any address in the world. This prime location tremendously reduces transit time and provides the lowest shipping cost possible.
RAP4 Factory Direct enables retail stores to achieve the highest profit margin in the industry. Our direct wholesale service gives small stores the price margin to compete and ability to provide the best prices, products and services to their customers. RAP4 Factory Direct will also put retail stores in better positions to provide customers with added value and provide
more stock items for customers who are ready to make a purchase.
You can stock the whole line of RAP4 markers, accessories, and auxiliary items like compressed air powered grenades and mines, and smoke grenades, to completely outfit your customers when they walk in your door with money to spend. Having stock on hand is critical to your success - making it available to you directly, with price points that enable you to stock the shelves, is critical to ours.

Since the products are shipped directly from our warehouse, RAP4 Factory Direct provides retail stores with the same pricing level as big distributors. RAP4 Factory Direct provides the lowest factory prices for retail stores, so you stand to gain the highest profit margin. We are your partner in small and medium business, and RAP4 products have you covered on the field.

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