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RAP4 Flashbang Training Grenade

RAP4 Flashbang Training Grenade

RAP4 is proud to be your supplier for complete tactical training. With the RAP4 Sound Flash Tripwire Grenade, you can safely simulate a wide range of booby traps for entry team training, detection and removal training, field officer familiarization, and a whole host of other necessary simulations. This reusable "grenade" is powered by a single 12gram CO2 cartridge, which provides a tremendous report and optional fog of RAP4's Smoke Simulation Powder or liquid marking dyes for visual impact as well.

The Tripwire Grenade uses that 12 gram CO2 cartridge to pressurize the plastic grenade shell, which is available in pineapple fragmentation and slick-sided cylindrical "flash bang" styles. Once the pressure overtakes the strength of the plastic shell, it bursts like a balloon - a tremendously loud balloon. Any liquid marking dye or RAP4 Smoke Simulation Powder added inside the grenade housing then disperses widely, but safely.

The Sound Flash Tripwire Grenade can be rigged for instantaneous detonation upon the striker hitting after the safety spoon flies off, or with a simple twist of the cap inside, you can add a slight delay that simulates standard-issue grenades being impressed into service as booby traps for a new angle on realistic, meaningful training.

The Sound Flash Tripwire Grenade is activated like standard-issue grenades: pull the pin, and a striker flips the spoon off of the grenade. This initiates either instantaneous detonation, or your desired delay before the gas builds up such pressure that the plastic shell bursts with a thundering report. No metal shrapnel is created, and the spoon, pin, and firing mechanism can be used time and time again - keeping costs down for implementing this tool as part of your tactical training.

Each Sound Flash Tripwire Grenade ships with one pineapple-style body, and one flash bang-style body, the complete firing mechanism, and instructions in the grenade's safe and proper use. Additional bodies are available in a three pack in either style, and replacement spoons are available should yours become lost or damaged.

Sales of the Sound Flash Tripwire Grenade are strictly limited to law enforcement, military, and qualified security personnel. All orders must be accompanied with a faxed cover letter on your department's letterhead, authorizing the purchase for training purposes, and a faxed copy of your military or police ID, or employee ID for a qualified security department.

When you need the ultimate in realistic booby trap and IED simulation, you need RAP4's Sound Flash tripwire Grenade. When you're serious about realistic training that saves lives and fits your budget, you need RAP4's extensive line of training equipment.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!