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RAP4 Forms New Partnership For First Responder Training

RAP4 Forms New Partnership For First Responder Training

SANTA CLARA, CA - RAP4 and Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC, are pleased to announce a new partnership designed with first-responders in mind. Partnering with the aim of helping law enforcement officers enhance their tactical intelligence during force-on-force encounters, this team brings the ultimate force-on-force instructor training course designed for better development of operative use of force alternatives.

  Incorporating Real Action Paintball marking cartridges (online at http://product.rap4usa.com) and Air Soft weapon training systems, this training course will enhance mental and physical tactical skills while at the same time developing an operator's education of an agency's policies regarding the use of force and the theory behind controlled force options. Through this training program, future instructors will learn to work with the Real Action Marker and Air Soft systems safely and, more importantly, how to create safe, "real time" training scenarios.

"The future instructors will participate in and learn how to construct training scenarios that are consistent with all kinds of real world tactical applications of force options," said KT Tran of RAP4. These scenarios would closely mimic situations such as that of the active-shooter, ambush-style entries, terrorism-based active-shooter assaults, improvised device observations, physical unarmed assailant confrontations, and basic entry and target acquisition scenarios, to name a few.

Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC (online at http://apcsecurities.net), is a consortium of police, fire, corrections, military and corporate industry/security services designed to give high-intensity training and service to first responders. They have a vast background in the emergency service and security field as well as experience in preparedness planning, first responder and tactical equipment training. Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC, provides a high quality of educational awareness level training of current threats to our society consisting of current terrorist threats and weapons of mass destruction, and, according to Tran, brings a great deal to the partnership. Training video: http://rap4usa.com/video/training/apctraining.wmv ""

"Simulator devices can only stimulate the mind and body to a certain extent," he said. "While they are excellent training tools, more 'real time' training is needed for situations where the use-of-force has been authorized. In the field, in the moment-- that's not the time to decide you need training. This partnership will give a safe but realistic training environment. Remember, good training should hurt but never injure!"

RAP4 (RAP4) is a manufacturer and distributor of military, law enforcement, and gaming equipment head-quartered in Santa Clara, California (USA). They also have locations in Cape Town, South Africa, and Ontario, Canada. RAP4 has over 1,000 products in stock, with even more available from their extensive catalog. RAP4 offers true 'one-stop shopping' for all of gaming, tactical, and training equipment needs. For more information visit: http://rap4usa.com

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