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RAP4 Helmet Mounting Attachments

RAP4 Helmet Mounting Attachments

RAP4 is proud to offer you combat-ready equipment attachment gear specifically designed for your duty-issue or reproduction combat helmets. The RAP4 Helmet Mounting Attachments interface with the mil-spec ARC/ACH rails on your helmet to allow you to mount lights and infrared illuminators, communications gear...even auxiliary protection like mandible guards.

Marines, soldiers, and other military personnel deployed around the world increasingly rely on their helmets to hold flashlights and night vision equipment, communications gear and oxygen masks, making their headgear an integral part of their combat equipment for more than just protection. That gear needs a method of attaching to the armored exterior of the helmets, so that it can be quickly mounted or swapped out to meet changing mission requirements and remain combat-effective. The ARC/ACH rails allow exactly that flexibility, permitting the user to attach their gear and position it exactly where it needs to ride.

RAP4's Helmet Mounting Attachments provide the interface between that gear and the ARC/ACH rails on your helmet, whether you're deploying or outfitting a reproduction rig for mil-sim combat games. Each Helmet Mounting Attachment package includes the ABS polymer attachment gear that you need to secure chin and other straps, mandible armor, RIS-interface accessories, and helmet-specific gear like IR illuminators and oxygen masks.

We manufacture our Helmet Mounting Attachments from light, tough ABS plastic that won't weigh you down, and will provide durable service and a tight interface with the ARC/ACH rails you have installed on your helmet. Don't have those rails yet? They're available separately, to get you good to go all at once. We also have a wide range of accessories that are ready to mount to the RAP4 Helmet Mounting Attachments, making our website and stores your one-stop destination to completely outfit your helmet.

Now you can get into the action with an extraordinary range of equipment...and easily mount it right where you need it with Rap4's Helmet Mounting Attachments.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!