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RAP4 Israel Signed 3 Years Training  SWAT Operators

RAP4 Israel Signed 3 Years Training SWAT Operators

RAP4 Israel just signed an amazing deal with Israel SWAT operators: to be their official force-on-force training facility for the next three years. Israel Defense Forces and Israel SWAT operators come together at the RAP4 Israel facility in Beit Shemesh for dynamic training using the most realistic gear available - the industry-leading RAP4 T68, RAP4 AK, RAP4 Pistols and Tactical Gear! Word spreads fast in the tight-knit special forces and tactical law enforcement communities, and now operators from Tveriya to Eliat are inquiring about training at the premier RAP4 Israel facility. Paintball players are lined up too, of course, so that they can play at the same premier facility where IDF, SWAT, and other Israeli tactical forces train!

But what goes on at RAP4 Israel for these elite operators is anything but a game - it 's serious training, for deadly-serious jobs. Watch the video here.

Many of these tactical operators deploy with M16 and M4 - pattern rifles, which are perfectly reproduced by RAP4 in the T68 series of paintball markers. These markers provide not only the look of battle-issue arms, but the same ergonomics, operation, and natural point of aim as well, meaning that SWAT and special forces personnel train on exact replicas of their primary weapon systems...and during drills and scenarios, get to focus on solving the challenges at hand.

Getting their minds in the game is what RAP4 Israel is all about, with the multi-story indoor facility that features rooms to clear, a central arena that is frequently set up like a street market - complete with character actors - and even vehicles to search and maneuver around! With the modular props and customizable spaces, training officers can organize hostage rescue scenarios and then segue immediately into counter-terrorist operations...just like their personnel face in the field.

They insist on training like they need to fight, and they insist on training at RAP4 Israel.

This is why Israel SWAT has signed on for their three year training contract...and why IDF personnel regularly visit the facility for advanced training and to provide intelligent opposing forces for SWAT training. When they need training, instruction, and tactical simulations that are truly as real as it gets, they turn to RAP4 Israel and the renowned RAP4 equipment.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!