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RAP4 / Jeremy VanSchoonhove--Oklahoma D-Day 200

RAP4 / Jeremy VanSchoonhove--Oklahoma D-Day 200

RAP4 celebrity spokesman Jeremy VanSchoonhoven will be performing big-air bike stunts for RAP customers at Oklahoma D-Day this
June 8th-11th!

Jeremy is a Champion Observed Trials Rider--a challenging extreme sport where the rider tears through a tough obstacle course without letting his feet touch the ground. Jeremy is ranked #1 in the United States and has excited thousands of people with his tricks and stunts. His astonishing demonstrations take him jumping, bounding and springing over vehicles, boulders, trees, and killer props and obstacles.

He demands the best equipment in the world to stay at number one: the strongest bikes, the toughest tires, and the latest safety gear--if it doesn't work each time, every time, he won't have it. Jeremy demands no less than that of his paintball
gear--standards RAP4 meets every time, every shot.

Visit the RAP4 booth at Oklahoma D-Day to meet Jeremy, and check out the T68 marker. The wait will end this June when you can get your hands on the T68 Gen2. Be the first to see how it works and feel the steel.

Our full line of 2006 products will be on display for your inspection. We'll have the gear you need for the game, right there at our booth; so travel light, and gear-up at Oklahoma D-Day with RAP4.