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RAP4 Land Warrior II Wireless Digital Video Recorder

RAP4 Land Warrior II Wireless Digital Video Recorder

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Land Warrior II digital video recorder - your best solution for capturing game footage with full audio, as a marker-mounted camera, helmet-mounted camera, handheld unit or even mounted to
your tank.

Following the success of the original Land Warrior Wireless Video Camera, engineers took user feedback and made an even lighter and more adaptable digital recorder: the brand new Land Warrior II.

The RAP4 Land Warrior II digital video recorder captures video at 30 frames per second, which is faster than the "resolve rate" of the human eye. That means the playback is smooth, natural, and seamless, like watching the action unfold
live. You can stop the video and scroll frame by frame to watch paintballs deform and explode on your opponents' goggles. Hit play, and feel like you're there with crystal-clear audio.

Best of all: it's safe to take this high-quality video recorder into action. It's designed to mount to your marker, survive the rigors of big games and the stress of front-line scenario action. The low-profile buttons are intuitive, and
present themselves conveniently so you can start and stop recording without taking your eyes off the game.

Having the Land Warrior II handy when you need it is a snap. The included batteries last for three hours each. The Land Warrior II works great as a handheld camera around camp, at the staging area, when scouting the field in advance of
the big game...Then you can mount it to your marker with the included RIS rail adapter. For mounting to speedball markers or other types that don't have RIS rails, all you need is the barrel-mount adapter that is also included.

And if you want to mount it on your bicycle or motorcycle? That's easy, too: the barrel-mount adapter clamps onto handlebars in seconds.

The Land Warrior II even comes with a helmet strap - attach it to your headgear so it looks where you look, and records what you see, without having to think about it at all.

Brief your commander with fresh intelligence videos, or just play them back for your friends, by hitting play and previewing your videos on the integral screen...there's even a speaker, so you can watch and listen to your footage moments
after capturing it.

The Land Warrior II takes SD cards up to 16gb, providing days of recording without needing to download. When it's time to transfer your files, play them directly on a TV with the supplied video-out cables, or plug it into your computer
with the provided USB cable. Download, edit, upload and show the world what you did on Saturday.

With the new RAP4 Land Warrior II digital video recorder, you're the director, cameraman, and star of your own action sports lifestyle. Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!