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RAP4 Law Enforcement Training Blue Series: Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun

RAP4 Law Enforcement Training Blue Series: Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun

RAP4 Blue Series: Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun

P99 Paintball Pistol (blue) RAP226 (Internal Air) RAP4 Blue RAP5 Blue LE RAP47 AK47 Blue RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun Blue
Walther P99 Sig RAP226 RAP4 AR RAP5 MP5 RAP47 AK RAP68 FN

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RAP4 is proud to introduce our complete line of milsim markers with safety-blue components. The RAP4 Blue Series markers are designed for interactive law enforcement training - as real as it gets without using bullets.

The RAP4 Blue Series is so realistic, we use colored handguards and magazines so you know in an instant which is your marker and which is actually your duty gun! This adds a level of safety to training exercises without compromising real-handling characteristics - when you see the blue slides and handguards in the kill house, you'll know instantly that the participants are using safe training devices. The Blue Series is the safe choice when you demand the best, with sensible precautions.

These markers are designed to replicate the look, feel, and user interaction of
firearms - such as using a magazine to feed paintballs, paintball-case ejection after every shot, and the option to choose collapsible or solid stocks. They don't use hoppers, and their special CO2 tanks are hidden inside their stocks...so they look, feel, and point just like your duty-issue gun.

The RAP4 Blue Series training markers are to be the world's first paintball markers externally identical to real firearms, blue-augmented for safety, with functional similarities to real firearms that you have to feel to believe. The only big difference between these and what you carry on patrol: RAP4 Blue Series markers don't - and can't - fire bullets, making them safe for training and legal in countries where you can't own firearms!

For force-on-force training, classroom and range familiarization, and economical target practice, you can't beat the RAP4 Blue Series.

The best markers in the world just got better for force-on-force exercises.