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RAP4 Less Lethal System

RAP4 Less Lethal System

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the RAP4 Less Lethal System is a combination of the RAP4 Less Lethal Launcher and RAP4 Less Lethal Projectile. The system is designed to contain or subdue individuals and groups when less lethal force is appropriate.
The RAP4 Less Lethal Launcher is an M4 replica rifle that looks and feels exactly like a real M4 carbine. The unit operates with an 18 round detachable magazine, and is powered by a single 45g disposable cylinder. The aesthetics of this highly realistic weapon help officers gain control of the suspect's fear, encouraging the suspect surrender, de-escalating and reducing the number of use-of-force situations.

The RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are hard plastic spheres built to burst on impact. They contain a very fine Capsaicin II (chili-pepper) dust-like powder. RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are filled with enough Capsaicin powder to irritate a suspect's eyes, nose and throat.

The RAP4 Less Lethal System is a high pressure system with enough kinetic force to get the suspect's attention, unleashing a cloud of Capsaicin powder into the face (eyes, nose and throat) of the aggressor. The RAP4 Less Lethal System offers effective tools for achieving suspect compliance. Because the projectiles break upon impact, they do not penetrate skin or pose ricochet hazards, making the RAP4 Less Lethal System safe even at contact range. As they burst on impact and fill the vicinity with the irritant powder, using the RAP4 Less Lethal System officers don't have to hit their target to subdue the suspect. By shooting in the vicinity, the suspect will be overwhelmed by a cloud of irritation powder.

Even when the suspect is running away, the officer can shoot into a wall or object in front of the suspect, leaving the suspect running into a barely visible cloud of irritation powder.

For training without the irritant effect, RAP4 Less Lethal Training Rounds are also available. These rounds contain harmless white powder to demonstrate the effect of the RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles; they have the same performance, without the painful effect of the "real thing."

RAP4 offers proven-effective solutions for law enforcement officers and the military.