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RAP4 Mag Fed Challenge at Camp Pendleton - This Weekend - Aug 4th, 2012

RAP4 Mag Fed Challenge at Camp Pendleton - This Weekend - Aug 4th, 2012

RAP4 is proud to announce the return of the Mag Fed Only Arena at Camp Pendleton as part of B Real's Paintball Challenge on Saturday, August 4th. With your paid entry to the event, you'll get a chance to test your squad's skills in the RAP4 Mag Fed Challenge--a very special event held alongside B Real's Paintball Challenge.

In the Mag Fed Challenge, your squad will be tasked with completing three mil-sim missions...using your wits, your speed, and your mag-fed gear. Don't have mag-fed gear? No problem--RAP4 will issue you mag-fed gear, and you can rent complete mag-fed packages for the day as well! We'll have the Tacamo MKP-II prototype at the field, along with T68s and the rest of our industry-leading array of mag-fed markers.

Thus equipped, you'll have to navigate a complicated course while eliminating targets, tactically reloading, covering each other, and beating a clock. Then you'll search a field for a briefcase bomb and disarm it before time runs out. In the third challenge, you'll engage a combination of targets and opposing forces (OpFor) players as you navigate through a challenging course...all under the pressure of the timer.

Ready to deploy? Sign up here: http://ultimatepaintballwars.com/b-reals-stoned-assassins-paintball-challenge-event/

How good is your aim...really? How good is your communication? Come prove that your squad is the best at the RAP4 Mag Fed Challenge.

Then enjoy the rest of the day's events at B Real's Paintball Challenge, as you explore the amazing fields at Camp Pendleton--a real US Marine Corps base! Elsewhere on the grounds, personnel complete exercises with M4 carbines and M16 rifles, while on the paintball courses, you'll be completing missions and challenging OpFor with exact reproductions of that same gear. RAP4 mag-fed markers not only look like M4s and M16s, they also handle and operate almost identically...

...but are designed by our engineers specifically for paintball. They create mil-sim action that is truly as real as it gets.

We'll see you at B Real's Paintball Challenge, and look forward to watching your moves at the RAP4 Mag Fed Challenge!

RAP4 -- As Real as it Gets!